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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

You know what? When you find a 500 year mummified body of a child just step away. The remains of the body were DNA tested and it seems the child died from a deadly strain of hepatitis B virus (HBV). Did no one hear me? Step away. This is how we unleash ancient diseases…I have seen the tv series The Strain and it aint pretty.


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Mummy In Granny’s Attic

Mummy found in granny's atticA word of warning to anyone wanting to rummage in their granny’s attic, beware of the sarcophagus in a corner, just saying. A kid in Germany got a right old boo when he opened one and found a human mummy. When they sent the thing for a CT scan they discovered the corpse had an arrow sticking out of the eye socket. The weirdest thing of all was that the cloth covering the mummy was machine woven and the bones were not from ¬†just from one person. ūüėĮ

Want sauce with that?


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Himmler Loved His Mummy

Anyone interested in Gestapo leader Heinrich Himmler’s postcards to his mummy? They’re up for auction loons, could go nicely with Hitler’s hanky collection. Despite the nasty Nazi having his hands full with the war and all, he never failed to send his mother a postcard¬† from wherever he was rampaging in¬† Europe. One card reads “My dearest mummy! Today I am sending you very warm greetings from Paris. I hope you are well.” Hmm, still can’t warm to him!!!

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Return of the Mummy

If you happened across a 5’9″ ft tall, 150lb mummy, missing several teeth the Greensburg police would like a word.On Monday a dude walked into a mini mart with a cloth wrapped around his head and armed with a hatchet demanding money. Police say he had several teeth missing. The mummy evidently got away with an undisclosed amount of money,


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Baby Mummy Missing

The craziest mummy story you’re going to hear all week. Picture this, nearly a century ago a baby died soon after childbirth but rather than bury it, the family decided to keep it as a memento. The mummified body then became part of the family, looked after in part by Charles Peavey. Relatives would give it cards during the holidays and it was also given a dried fish as a pet. However in 2006 Peavey’s 4 year old niece let slip at daycare about the baby, resulting in the 18 inch mummy being DNA tested. The results later confirmed the child had died from natural causes but unfortunately it couldn’t be returned to Mr Peavey because they couldn’t conclude that the mummy was actually related to him. Oh boy! Anywho, so in 2008 the baby was buried in an unmarked grave at Concord’s Blossom Hill Cemetery.OK, so now here is where the story gets a little weird. Last weekend authorities found the grave disturbed and when they exhumed it the mummified baby was no longer in the casket. Gone I say, gone. Hmm, I wonder where it went? Mr Peavey denies any involvement.


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Lady Hor Is A Daddy

OK, so I could never grow a beard, big deal!

Im not gay!

I guess if you have a scrotum and a penis you can’t be Lady Hor. Oh yeah, thanks to a little CT scanning, officials at the Brooklyn Museum in New York have concluded that the 2,000 year old she mummy is infact a he. Hmm, the confusion about the mummy’s sex can be blamed on the coffin (and the lazy coffin maker) because it didn’t include a beard. Egyptian experts have long used the markings on Mummy coffins to identify the sex of the occupant but¬† that system is now under review following this startling discovery.¬† So if it ain’t Lady Hor in the coffin I wonder who it is?

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