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Nazi Dictator was a Lead Foot

OMG, guess who got caught speeding in their suped up Merc in 1931? Adolph Hitler that’s who. Pity the fool who pulled that friggin dictator over. As expected the Nazi leader tried to wiggle his way out of paying by claiming it was his lookalike chauffeur Julius Schreck driving. According to records unearthed in a Bavarian archive,  Hitler was going 34.3mph (55.3kmh) which was double the allowed speed limit. He should have been banned from driving for that irresponsible behavior on the roads. The speeding ticket was stamped with the word “settled” on it but experts are doubtful Hitler coughed up the fine. The date of the ticket was marked as the day after Hitler’s half niece, Geli Raubal, shot herself in the head with his pistol which have many to speculate that he may have been racing back to Munich for damage control. As for officer Probst who sent the summons to Hitler, nothing was ever heard of him again.


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Knut Gets Racy Italian Mate

Can she cook?

Can she cook?

Oh dear god we all know what disasters await zoo keepers when they try to friggin match mate. Hello, do I have to mention Z and Vielpunkt the gay penguins (Germany), Tsuyoshi and Kurumi the lesbian polar bears (Japan),  Harry and Pepper the bi-sexual penguins (San Francisco) or Ninio the lonely gay elephant (Poland). Are you guys sure you know what you are doing? Rumors are rife that the Berlin Zoo is planning to match their most famous polar bear Knut, with a saucy Italian female bear?
Dubbed the “racy Italian”, Gianna, who is the same age as Knut, has been having a few problems at her current home at the Hellabrunn zoo in Munich. Seems she isn’t on speaking terms with Yoghi, a 10 year old bear.So the bitch Gianna will be moving to Berlin. Good luck with that because  Knut isn’t expected to reach sexual maturity for another two years. Hmm, imagine how bitchy she will be by then ? Don’t be surprised if Knut  joins the group mentioned above, real soon!


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