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Mayor of Awesome

So you are a mayor in Sweden and you have $91,584 of taxpayers money to spend, what do you do? Well, you get an artist to paint a mural of you dressed as a Roman legionary that’s what! Now, now, to be fair  mayor Lars Ahlkvist also included  a local financier and his partner in the painting. The financier was depicted as Sweden’s King Karl XI and his squeeze a noble lady. Now, that is an awesome waste of taxpayers money. If I had a bucket load of taxpayers money to waste spend on public art I think I would create an enormous bronze pigeon with a public toilet on top so we could all poop on it!!!


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The House Just Went Up In Value

Attention all art collectors, for a mere $5.6 million you can own your very own Lucien Freud painting. There is only one catch, it kinda of comes with a house. Seems before old Freud achieved fame as an artist he lived in a 17th century house in Dorset. While there he painted a mural of primroses on the wall of his dining room, which was later covered over with wallpaper by the next owners. Anywho, a neighbor tipped off the current owners about what lurked under the paper and viola, they now have a wall worth more than a Banksy!  Damn straight the house is now on the market.

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