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Murder Most Foul

Sometimes digging around your backyard can reveal the darnedest things. Take for instance Sir David Attenborough. Workmen on his property discovered a skull belonging to Julia Martha Thomas. Who is she you may well ask? Hmm, well in 1879 her maid pushed her down the stairs and strangled her before boiling up the body and giving the dripping to local kids to eat. A thoughtful and resourceful maid. Anywho, Kate Webster, was eventually sent to the gallows for the murder but poor Mrs Thomas’s head was never found…until now.

Want sauce with that?


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OK We Know The Murder Weapon

You know what I hate? When you go on a Murder Mystery Dinner Train and it runs over and kills someone lying on the tracks…I really hate that! The Florida passengers were left stuck on the train for more than two hours while police investigated. No word on if anyone guessed the motive!


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