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That Wedding Went Off With A Big Bang

Welcome to the wedding from hell. The groom at a Brazilian wedding announced he had a surprise for the guests then shot dead the bride and the best man before turning the gun on himself. Police believe the murder suicide by Rogerio Damascena was pre-planned though horrified wedding guests say there was no indication anything was wrong.

Psst Are you thinking what I’m thinking…..best man and bride?


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Not The Best Combination

OK, here’s the thing Kailu man, if you want to end your terminally ill wife’s life,  don’t use a friggin flare gun to shoot a shotgun round at her, it doesn’t work. Robert Yagi (71) has been charged with attempted murder after failing to kill his wife as she lay in hospital. It is believed the loving husband was attempting a murder – suicide but the flare gun failed to discharge the buck shot properly, leaving his wife, Leatrice, with a black face and some minor injuries.

Psst I guess she wont be getting anymore visits from hubby for a while


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