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Like A Virgin

Hello, is this the sex line?

French postal worker Phillippe Cousin has been sentenced to 18 years prison for decapitating his wife Nicole. The Problem it seems was they were married for 21 years but his wife was still a virgin. She refused point blankly to have sex with him because she feared passing on multiple sclerosis to her children (if she had any) because her father suffered from it. Mr Cousin for his part stayed loyal but downright frustrated. Lawyers believe his actions were a direct result of a “midlife crisis”. During a fight with his wife, she threatened to leave him so he grabbed a kitchen knife and hacked off her head.

Psst Note his sentence was less than his marriage.


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They Will Never Think To Look There!

Man caught stuffing murdered wife into wallOK, this is different. Jiagen Pan was found trying to stuff his wife’s body into a wall of his South Brisbane home after her family, who live in China, reported her missing to police. Oh dear, imagine the stench in that house after a few weeks. It is believed Mr Pan murdered his estranged wife and was trying to get rid of the evidence when police sprung him.


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