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Worst Type of Gold Digger

I truly hope this is fake news. Two gold prospectors walked into a bar in Brazil and bragged that they had killed at least 10 members of a remote Amazonian tribe. The indigenous tribe, known as the Uncontacted, had been gathering eggs along the river bank. The men told how they had hacked them up and thrown them into the river. Despite no deaths having been reported (hmm, ironic as they have no contact with outside world) the men have been detained.

As more land is being cleared on the Peruvian and Brazilian borders , some ruthless prospectors and miners are determined to kill off these indigenous tribes. Seriously, humanity has gone to hell in a handbag.





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sherlock 2OK, note to self, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, pull the piss on Putin. A well known Russian actor Alexei Devotchenko did and he’s dead. Devotchenko was found lying in an enormous pool of blood in his apartment. Alexei was a very outspoken opponent of the Russian ruler often criticizing him in his blog posts. It wasn’t the first time the actor has been targeted. He was almost killed in an attack in a metro station in Moscow in 2012. Russian authorities deny his murder has anything to do with them. As you would.


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Heads Will Roll

embarrassedThe first rule when murdering and dismembering your roommate is to make sure the head doesn’t fall out of the trash bag when removing the body because someone might just see it. Just saying. The Memphis witness told police “When it fell, it was a head. I was like man what the hell, what you got going on bro?”

Want sauce with that?


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Kim Jong Un Pruned His Family Tree

kim-jong-um-but-holeKim Jong Un has solved the problem of having an empty seat at next year’s  Christmas table after he bumped off his uncle. Yep, in an impressive move he has had the entire family of Jang Song Thaek executed and,  by entire family , I mean Jang’s sister (her hubby, Ambassador to Cuba), her nephew, her nephew’s two sons, Jang’s two brothers and their sons, daughters and even grandchildren. Un evidently wants no evidence that the family ever existed. Roger that.


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Murder She Wrote

sherlock 2Well I must be honest, I didn’t see this coming. Seems the death of  Brittany Murphy and her hubby maybe a MURDER. At the request of the late actress’s father new tests have revealed she and hubby may have died from extremely high levels of heavy metals … like those found in rat poison.Her strange eratic behaviour, which lead many to believe she was taking drugs, could have been symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. So the big question is, who would want these relatively “non high profile” people dead?


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Was Yassar Arafat Murdered?

Remember the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat? Well, his body is going to be exhumed next week. Seems a few month ago a Swiss lab discovered a lethal radioactive substance in biological traces on Arafat’s clothing (supplied by his wife) which may explain his sudden illness and death in a French military hospital in 2004.  Many Palestinians believe Arafat was murdered by the Israelis. No good will come of this.


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Boxing Legend Corrie Sanders Murdered

The world is mourning the death of South African boxing legend Corrie Sanders (46) who was gunned down while celebrating his nephew’s 21st birthday party at a Pretoria restaurant. The ex heavy weight boxer who won 46 of his 50 bouts was unfortunately the victim of a botched robbery. Witnesses say he was the only one shot when men carrying pistols burst into a restaurant and demanded money and valuables from the customers.
Sports stars have not only expressed words of sympathy over the senseless killing but many have used this opportunity to highlight South Africa’s increasing crime rate.


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