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Let It Be

wolf in sheepsRemember David Mark Chapman, the dude who murdered John Lennon in cold blood? Well, he fronted the parole board for the 9th time this week to plead his case for release. He told them he was “sorry for being such as idiot”. OK yeah, whatever, parole denied. Prison Fields Forever.


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Why do we give scum the time of day?

Steven Hayes tries to justify killing three peopleExcept for those “couple of minutes” we were “nice to everyone,” …. those are the words of Steven Hayes, one of the men on death row for the murders of a Connecticut doctor’s wife and his two daughters .  Hayes poured gasoline on the two girls and set them alight after having raped and strangled their mother… but except for those “couple of minutes” they were “nice to everyone,” .  If Hayes was attempting to justify his actions during the recent interview he must be delusional. He also admitted that while on death row he has watched TV shows about the murder.



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I’m Just Sitting Here Watching The Wheels Go Round and Round

It’s that time again when Mark Chapman comes up for parole and Yoko Ono is forced to send a letter saying DON’T. This will be the seventh time John Lennon’s killer will face the board and Ono’s 7th letter. In his last hearing he told the parole board he murdered the ex Beatle because he wanted ‘instant notoriety’ so he could ‘become someone’ but ‘I became a murderer and murderers are not somebodies.’ Hmm, that really isn’t remorseful, that’s a tad narcissistic . Better hurry up and send that letter Yoko!!!


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Canadian Psycho in Paris

The French are on high alert after several reported sightings of the Canadian Psycho, Luka Magnotta, were confirmed by police. Evidently they were able to track his location by using his cell phone signals. That friggin roaming will get you every time! The alleged cannibal/murderer has been seen socializing at trendy clubs and staying at upmarket hotels in Paris. Police fear he could be heading to England where he has made several threats.


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Utah Tragedy


OMG, Josh Powell, the man who has long been the  suspect in  his wife’s 2009 disappearance, has allegedly blown up himself and his two children moments after a case worker brought them for a supervised visitation. Powell lost custody of his boys last year after his father (who they were living with) was arrested for allegedly being in possession of child pornography. Powell’s wife Susan had gone missing in 2009 while he and his boys were on a late night camping trip in Utah’s desert (in freezing temperatures). Despite being a person of interest in the disappearance no charges were ever laid. Last week, a judge ordered that the boys remain in the custody of the Susan’s parents but Powell had visatation rights.  Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor told reporters  “It was an act of evil. Do not call it a tragedy because that sanitizes it. This was a terrible act of murder involving two young children.”

RIP Charlie (7) and Braden (5).


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Have I got a man for you, desperate loons. He’s got a beautiful smile, easy going, good sense of humour and will do anything for love. Only one catch, OK, several, he’s behind bars for manslaughter and has an extensive criminal past. Which is kinda scary, I agree. But besides that, he’s got a “Guys At Barwon Prison That Want Girls To Write To Them” page on Facebook and he’s looking for love. Might want to give him a poke?


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Joran Van Der Sloot Fan Club

Membership 1. Oh for crying out loud, a female radiologist in the US, has taken suspected murderer Joran Vander Sloot under her protective wing. Mary Hamer from Florida, believes the poor boy is suffering Post Traumatic Stress due to the notoriety the first “unsolved” crime (Natalee Holloway) drew… “He has been beaten up and attacked by rich, middle-age Americans who have slandered him all over the world. There have been multiple civil rights violations made against this poor young man.”. Hmm, yeah, and what about the rights of Stephany Flores???? Hamer, who pays for Joran’s legal fees and sends him care packages says she is Joran’s “civil rights advocate, spiritual guide, and guardian angel.” Hmm, go sell crazy somewhere else lady. Hamer, who has already visited Joran twice in the Peruvian prison, believes he should be receiving medical treatment for his post traumatic stress. Seriously, if Joran was suffering post traumatic stress the last thing he would be doing  was trying to extort money from Beth Twitty in order to fund his  gambling habits in Peru.


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You Kinda Saw It Coming

Crossbow Cannibal Stephen Griffiths and resident psycho who was sentenced to life for killing three prostitutes with a crossbow claims he “killed loads” more. The friggin freak and uni researcher (aka “the demon Ven Pariah”), who dismembered and ate the flesh of his victims, told detectives he had butchered more than three. However they aren’t sure if he is telling the truth as he is a delusional, attention seeking control freak. During the trial it was revealed that Griffiths videoed one victim on his cell phone as she lay mutilated in the bath while he sprayed her with black paint and chanted “I am Ven Pariah. I am the bloodbath artist. Here is a model who is assisting me.” Urgh, other footage showed him fondling the butt of a victim. 81 pieces of one victim, Suzanne Blamires was found in and around River Aire near Shipley. Griffiths has been tight lipped about naming other potential victims but police are now investigating three unsolved murders in the Yorkshire area.


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He’s Everything All Rolled Into One!

Holy cross dressing, murdering, Canadian commander, Batman. Sheez, Colonel Russell Williams was by day,  in charge of Canada’s largest air force base, a well respected pilot and loving hubby but by night he was a murdering, cross dressing, sex fiend. Williams has pleaded guilty to murdering two women and raping two others (plus taking photos) during  86 lurid sex crimes (which involved mainly stealing women’s lingerie) . Needless to say  the military are still friggin stunned. During the investigation they found hundreds of photos of Williams wearing stolen lingerie in the victim’s bedrooms while he masturbated. A large amount of stolen undies and bras, which were meticulously categorized and stored in bags and boxes, were found at his home he shared with his wife of 19 years.It is believed at least once he wore his military uniform during a break-in.Williams is facing life behind bars and decades of humiliation.

Psst You can read the full story here on Wiki.


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Murderer Has Such A Nasty Ring To It!

Remember Tommy Suharto? Come on people, think? Sheez. OK, he is the youngest son of the late Indonesian dictator Suharto and the guy who was jailed for 15 years (of which he served only 4) for ordering the murder of a supreme court judge. Anywho, Tommy is suing the airline Garuda for calling him a murderer in the footnote of an article printed in their in-flight magazine, oh and he is also demanding an apology. His lawyer said ‘Tommy Suharto felt the note was ethically-defective and insensitive as it attacked his honour, dignity and privacy,’


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