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Shawcramped Redemption

Um, if you happened to stumble across a murderer, robber or drug trafficker in your travels, the Barreiras jail in Brazil might want a quick word. They have lost 82 prisoners. OK, not really lost, escaped . Seems the inmates made a hole in the roof and then scampered out during a heavy deluge so no one would hear them. Well, what do you expect when you cram 170 men into a prison designed to hold 28.


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Gut Instincts Fail

A word of warning from a 30 year veteran FBI profiler, that well mannered nice guy living in your cul de sac could well be a friggin psychopath with bodies in the freezer. Mary Ellen O’Toole has heard it all before  “but he was such a nice guy”, even by the friggin investigators,  who on many occasions disregard suspects because they seem nice. O’Toole warns our  “gut instincts” and “intuition” can often fail when it comes to “nice neighbors”. Sleep with one eye open loons and a baseball bat.

Psst OToole has just released a book called Dangerous Instincts, which highlights the fact our gut instincts suck!

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They Have Some Nerve

Mate, give the European Court of Human Right a buzz!

Oh my, seems three notorious British killers, who have been sentenced to die in jail, have approached the European Court of Human Rights because they believe their ‘human rights’ have been violated. Jeremy Bamber (slaughtered 5 members of his family), Peter Moore (murdered 4 men, 3 of which were gay) and Douglas Vinter (killed work colleague and later his wife) are all serving ‘whole life’ (no chance of parole) sentences for their heinous crimes but they want the chance to be released if they can prove they have reformed. Hmm seems life in jail is “inhuman” and “degrading” according to them. The Bigger problem is if the unelected European Court of Human Rights agrees, it could mean the Moors Murderer Ian Brady, Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe and even Rose West could someday be free too. Now wouldn’t that be nice. And what ‘human rights’ were all the victims given again?



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How I Met Your Mother

Remember the killer who had a taxpayer-funded sex change operation and then fought to be sent to a womens prison? Come on, sure you do? Oh well, anywho she’s getting married to a lesbian murderess. The prisoner, previously known as Douglas Wakefield, is tying the knot with Thelma Purchase who is serving a life sentence for murder too (hmm, something in common). Wakefield was originally jailed (as a man) for strangling is uncle, then beating him with a hammer before stabbing him 48 times with a garden fork. Then while in Parkhurst Prison he killed an inmate and twice took prison officers hostage. Meanwhile, the bride got her comeuppance by murdering a disabled man so she could get her hands on £70,000. Now the two will live happily ever after behind bars at New Hall Prison in west Yorkshire, bless.


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