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Fruit of the Loon

When two Scottish students left a fresh pineapple on a table at a modern art museum as a wee joke they didn’t expect it to become part of the exhibition. Seems curators thought it was part of the exhibition and encased it in glass.

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The Unluckiest Mouse

mousetrapWhat are the odds that a little mouse in a Readings Museum would fall for a 155 old mousetrap. Seems the poor wee thing did. A curator found the dead rodent after it had waltzed into the “unbaited” display trap and got kaboomed. To add insult to injury death, the 1861 device had printed text on it declaring it would “last a lifetime”.


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Oooh, a Thorn!

A thorn you say? Hmm, oh yeah, I pulled it from my sandal!

I’m not sure I would go all the way to a museum to see a thorn that was “supposedly” on Jesus’s crown. Hmm, nope, no way, never. The crown  was said to have been seized from Constantinople around AD 1200  and was later sold to King Louis IX. Hmm, a thorn you say? Louis stripped the crown of its thorns by giving them to people who married into his family. I bet they were stoked! So anywho, the thorn on display was evidently given to Queen of Scots when she tied the knot with French royalty and she passed it on down the line until it ended up in the hands of a Jesuit priest who gave it to the Ribble Valley college… ta-da. Now, praise the Lord, its  on loan to the British Museum in London.


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