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Oh Deer

christmas tree 3OK, firstly I had no ideer (excuse the pun) that Norwegian reindeer were radioactive! Seems the source of Caesium-137 is thanks to dust that blew across from that damn friggin Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. Scientists have now discovered that the reindeer are more radioactive than ever, thanks to their over indulging of gypsy mushrooms which is uber high in radioactive materials. This probably explains Rudolph’s red nose.


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Sigh Of Relief For Mushrooms Lovers

drunk3All hail the scientists. Finally, Chinese scientist have identified the deadly toxins killing off mushroom lovers. Yep, they originally thought Tricholoma equestre was responsible for kidney failure that occurs when eating a dodgy mushy but it seems its actually Tricholoma terreum. Still no cure for cancer.


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That Will Be A Toadstool!

Frank Constantinopla and his missus were enjoying a lovely stir fry  with the mushrooms he had freshly picked from his garden when they both became violently ill. Hmm, seems those little mushies were actually toadstools called Death Cap. He and his wife spent many hours hugging the porcelain before poor Constantinopla was rushed to the Georgetown University Hospital where doctors feared he might lose his liver. Lucky for him he was given an experimental drug made from milk thistle and he is now right as rain. Meanwhile another dude in an unrelated incident was also rushed to the same friggin hospital after he munched down on Destroying Angel (Death Cap’s equally nasty cousin) thinking they were mushrooms. Evidently up to a third of people who eat poisonous mushies die! Good to know!

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Death By Mushroom Picking

Can you believe in just over a week 18 people  have died from mushroom picking in Italy? No, they didn’t die from toadstool poisoning silly, but from falling into rocky crevasses and gorges.That’s what happens when you go picking them in the alpine regions of northern Italy while unfit , fat or ill equipped.

Psst I’m guessing a few mamas won’t be cooking linguine funghi again!

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Friggin Toxic Mushrooms

Yippee Chinese medical investigators, you finally worked out  it was those friggin tiny toxic mushrooms mysteriously killing  up to 400 people over the past 30 years. Hmm,  OK, I don’t want to be too picky here but you took your own sweet time guys! The deaths had become  known as Yunnan Sudden Death Syndrome because the victim would suddenly go into cardiac arrest and that was it..dead! After years of scratching their heads investigators finally worked out the more than 90% of deaths occurred during July and August, mushroom harvesting season. They then narrowed down the mushroom species to Little White a relatively unknown toxic fungus. Slowly, slowly catch the monkey.

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I Wouldn’t Eat Them Now!

70 year old mushroom collection returned to China

Always kept in the dark and fed shit!

After 70 long years Shu Chun Teng’s prized mushroom collection has been returned to China. Pass the Soya Sauce because they’ll probably taste like crap!  Teng was a Chinese scholar who was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) because he smuggled his rare collection of mushies out of China by ox cart during World War II. This was seen as a big friggin selling out of Chinese heritage and for his troubles he received beatings and mental mind messing.  The fungi collection was shipped to the US where it was placed into the safe hands of his alma mater at Cornell University.

Psst You can read more about the prized mushroom collection if you feel inclined.


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