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It Was Always Only Going to be a Matter of Time

The little Dutch town of Jelsum, that installed the world’s first musical road, want it removed.  Yep, messing with their heads. The tune is played when cars drive over the strategically placed strips on the side of the road. Their song of choice was the anthem of Friesland. The locals are now bitching that the song is constantly playing day and night.


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Feelin Groovy

And the winner of friggin stupid ideas goes to the Californian town of Lancaster who were railroaded by Honda to copy a stupid Japanese tourist idea. Yep, they cut grooves into a section of road so motorists could listen to the theme of the Lone Ranger. Yes it is oh so true, a section of Avenue K plays the William Tell Overture when a car drives over the grooves. Only thing is it doesn’t sound all that great if you ain’t driving a Honda Civic at 55mph (88km/h), because Honda engineered the road that way. Which in turn is peeving the locals off, because the non-Honda cars suck on the musical highway. Those non pitch cars don’t play the tune properly and it can be heard for miles. One unfortunately soul who lives near the road said “I think it’s terrible because it keeps me awake at night.” After two weeks of this new “groovy” road traumatizing the locals, authorities have agreed to have that damn road resurfaced (this week!). Wanna hear the musical road ?


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