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The Cultural Divide

I don’t care who you are or what you are protesting, this type of behaviour is unAustralian and should NEVER be tolerated. Friggin DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!

Up to 400 protestors stormed the streets of Sydney angry at a US film  that supposedly depicts Mohammad as a womanizer and pedophile. This film was made by some Christian religious group and placed on YouTube. I have no idea why they are killing innocent people and attacking Americans  for something they were not even affiliated with.


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Un-Aired LOWE’S Commercial for “All-American Muslim”

Florida Christians had this TV commercial banned….

Thanks Susi Spice


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Muslim Couple 911 Pranked Over 150 Times

Can the person who keeps prank calling 911 and sending police and fire fighters to a Muslim couple’s apartment in upper Manhattan friggin quit it! For nearly two years Mamadou and Assetou Sy have have been the target of over 150 prank calls. All the calls are made in the middle of the night and each time they have to open the door to either a cop or a firefighter and explain that …. no there is no one injured…..nope there is no fire…. or sorry, there was no gunfire coming from the apartment. Unfortunately both departments by law have to respond to the pranks!


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Multiculturalism Gone Mad!

It is a sad day when we have Muslim groups pressuring the Australia government into introduce Sharia law into our court system. One more time, this is NOT a Muslim country and it has  nothing to do with “multiculturalism”. Multiculturalism is about appreciation and tolerance . There is a big friggin difference between religion and State. Sharia law by it’s very definition is ” the code of conduct or religious law of Islam.” Sharia does not allow freedom of speech, homosexual activity, marriage to a non Muslim and lets not get started on women’s rights. If you want Sharia law go back to a country that embraces it.

Psst If I dared try to change the legal system (based on MY religion) in a Muslim country I would be jailed. Funny how it only works one way!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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5 Minutes of Porn

Hundreds of lucky Bangladeshi passengers were given a special treat while waiting at the main terminal of the Shahjalal International Airport, five minutes of porn on the large display screen. Woohoo! Unfortunately being a conservative Muslim country authorities didn’t see the funny side and threw the operator in jail for two months. Bummer.

Psst I wonder how many people missed their flights?


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And The Winner Is….

Oh my, an Arab American Muslim has just won the Miss USA pageant in Vegas. Hmm, I guess there goes “world peace” from her speech!  Detroit’s  Rima Fakih (24),of Lebanese descent, took out the most sort after beauty prize last night,  giving  her the chance to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. Why is it I don’t care?


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Counter The Fear Fail

In a response to the recent threats by extremists over a South Park episode, Seattle artist Molly Norris created a poster which deemed 20th of May the first annual “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”. The poster included all sorts of objects like a box of pasta and a cup of coffee all claiming to be in the likeness of Muhammad. Sheez, did no one tell her Islamic teachings forbid showing images of Muhammad. Holy fatwa lady. Anywho, the friggin thing wouldn’t have gone viral had it not been for the cartoonist herself. When quizzed about why the hell she sent the cartoon to media outlets her response was “Because I’m an idiot.” Hmm, guess you shouldn’t have plastered your name all over it either. Now she is running with Rushdie. As for the dude who set up a Facebook site dedicated to the day, he’s disappeared faster than Obama’s birth certificate!

Regrets, she had a few!

Psst Want to see the signs of a desperate cartoonist? Check out Molly Norris.


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Hasn’t He Suffered Enough?

120 lashes is the least of my troubles!

It’s bad enough you have 6 wives but getting 120 lashes because you got 2 too many, geez, harsh! I would have thought it was punishment enough! Anywho the poor, sad man from Saudi Arabia, whose name hasn’t been released, violated Sharia law by having two extra wives and got caught by the religious police. The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice handed down the lashes sentence and included for good measure that he read two chapters of the Koran and be banned from leading prayers. No word on which two wives he’s gonna ditch after his wounds heal!


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Happy Engagement

It’s bad enough getting raped but imagine being arrested after telling police you’ve been attacked. A Muslim woman who lives in London was in Dubai celebrating her engagement when she was attack in a hotel lavatory by a waiter (allegedly) after she passed out . When the couple contacted police she was taken into custody for “illegal drinking” along with having sexual intercourse outside marriage. Oh and get this, her fiance was charged with the same offenses! If found guilty, that’s up to 6 years jail. Hmm, now there’s a party you would want to forget.


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Move Over Balloon Boy, There Is A New Kid On The Block

Oh give me a break, have the Heene’s got Muslim relis? Evidently there is a now a Koran Boy walking crawling around Dagestan in south Russia with passages from the Koran mysteriously appearing on his body. All of sudden, out of the blue, old passages welt onto  nine month old  Ali Yakubov’s back, arms, legs and stomach before they slowly fade. The strange phenomenon started when the child was first born and the word “Allah” appeared on his chin. The parents say the writings appear at least twice a week. Hmm, baffled doctors haven’t a clue how or why the markings appear but are denying the parents have anything to do with it. Mmm Hmm!

Psst Yeah OK, the story came from The Sun but it’s true I tell you, true! You can check out the photo there Koran Boy.

2nd Psst Lucky the kid is Muslim!


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