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Pushing Up Daisies

Mutant flowersUmm, no need to panic if you don’t mind getting mutant daisies for Valentine’s Day. Seems all those scary rumours about Fukashima are friggin true. The latest in a string of WTFs is a plant of deformed daisies growing about 110km from the Japanese nuclear kaboom zone.


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Excuse Me Waiter Why Is My Shrimp Swimming In Circles?

Yeah, about that BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, according to Al Jazeera the area is now brimming with eyeless shrimp, sore oozing fish and various mutant creatures. Hmm, but according to BP” Seafood from the Gulf of Mexico is among the most tested in the world, and, according to the FDA and NOAA, it is as safe now as it was before the accident.” So who are ya gonna believe????


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Pig Born With Human Head

Run people, run!!! A piglet in Guatemala has been born with what looks like a human head. Sheez, that’s no way to go through life little piggy! Locals believe that the mutant pig is the result of an alien visit as strange lights were seen just before the litter of 11 were born.


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Earless Bunny Panic

OK loons, no need to panic but WTF, an earless rabbit has  been born near Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant!  Oh no, could it be  the land of the rising mutants? Maybe the rapture HAS began?


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