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Move Over Balloon Boy, There Is A New Kid On The Block

Oh give me a break, have the Heene’s got Muslim relis? Evidently there is a now a Koran Boy walking crawling around Dagestan in south Russia with passages from the Koran mysteriously appearing on his body. All of sudden, out of the blue, old passages welt onto  nine month old  Ali Yakubov’s back, arms, legs and stomach before they slowly fade. The strange phenomenon started when the child was first born and the word “Allah” appeared on his chin. The parents say the writings appear at least twice a week. Hmm, baffled doctors haven’t a clue how or why the markings appear but are denying the parents have anything to do with it. Mmm Hmm!

Psst Yeah OK, the story came from The Sun but it’s true I tell you, true! You can check out the photo there Koran Boy.

2nd Psst Lucky the kid is Muslim!


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