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Mythbusters Go All Dambusters

OK, here’s the thing Mythbusters, when firing  a cannonball at a hill in California during one of your experiments make sure there isn’t homes behind it. Hosts of the popular science show Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were trying to work out if a cannon was effective at firing non cannonball objects when they decided to shoot a real cannonball first. Well the ball flew out of the cannon,  over the friggin hill, down into the town of Dublin and straight through two houses before coming to rest inside a minivan. Ta-da.

Psst I would have loved to have seen their faces!!!


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Mythbuster Fail

OK, here’s the thing wannabe Mythbusters, don’t try the “shooting bullets through a phone book” experiment at home, especially if your aim is shit. An Ohio man got all enthused after watching an ep of Mythbusters so decided to test the ballistic stopping power of a telephone book.  So he plonked some on his fireplace mantle and began shooting with his 9mm pistol. Only prob was, he managed to hit the phone book once while the other rounds went through his wall and hit his neighbor’s home. Fail.That’s a discharging a firearm into an inhabited dwelling charge right there!

Want sauce with that?


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