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Octomom Heading Down Under

Holy half eaten fairy bread Batman. According to some woman’s mag, Octomom (aka woman with way too many kids, aka Nadya Suleman) is heading down under to LIVE!!!!! NO!!!!! And yes, she is bringing her brood. Dear god, she’ll be straight down to the unemployment office where they’ll probably hand her $100 per kid per week, which makes that a cool $1,400 a week, plus all the other fringe benefits that come with being unemployable. Oh the inhumanity of it all!!!!


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Octomom on Welfare

She said she would never ever  but Octomom is now on welfare. See ya California tax dollars, Nadya Suleman and her 14 children are now collecting $2,000 a month. Octomom, who famously had IVF and got herself preggers with 8 babies, despite already having 6 children, has even been forced to pull her brood out of private schools.  I’m guessing those naked photos were a fail then? Hmm, unfortunately when all the media attention is gone, you still have 14 mouths to feed. How do the Duggars do it????

Psst Octomom requests that you angry Californians stop sending nasty emails and death threats, thank you.


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From Dream To Nightmare

Leave me alone!!!

What? Seems Octomom is a tad stressed these days juggling 14 children. She told Touch mag “I hate my babies” and “my older six are animals” and the only way to cope is “to lock myself in the bathroom and cry”. Hmm, yeah, cause that will make it all go away! Even worse is the fact that Nadya Suleman has no money. Zip, nada, nil and has no idea how she will pay for food, schooling or the mortgage (hmm, might try American tax payers!). But on the bright side Suleman is considering dating. She claims she has never dated before and has been celibrate for 12 years (that’s right it was a sperm donor she used for her brood). Pity the fool who wants to take on her and the 14  others.


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Jon and Kate and Octomom plus 22

Color me WTF! Octomom (aka Jolie wannabe Nadya Suleman) has revealed she has a big crush on Jon Gosselin. You know the dude from Jon & Kate plus 8 (and a divorce) fame. Please, please, please don’t tell anyone at TLC because it’s a match made in reality TV heaven. Hmm, I wonder if they can squeeze Balloon Boy family in there some how?


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The Nerve!

Octomom applies for trademarkCan someone slap her with an Ugg boot. Here’s hoping all the other octomoms join forces to stop the attention seeking Nadya Suleman obtain the Octomom trademark. She didn’t think of it, she didn’t earn it and she has no right using it. TMZ, Perez I know one of you started it…fess up. Urgh, she is like a rash that just wont go away. And who, pray tell, would be seen dead wearing Octomom undies? No love in that name! Whilst were are on the subject, it has been revealed she is going to do an Octodoc for a British TV company. Gosh, I hope they get her good side when welfare comes a knocking. Next she’ll be on “Dancing With the Stars”! Why wont she go away !!!!


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Don’t Do It Denis

Whos your daddy?

Who's your daddy?

Denis Beaudoin for the love of god don’t have a DNA test to find out if those 14 children are yours (quit while you are ahead). Do you know how much friggin child support you will be up for? Octomom, the attention seeking lala lady, is now denying Mr Beaudoin is the father of her massive brood (hmm,consider that  a good thing!). Beudoin claims that Nadya Suleman had told him she had Ovarian cancer and was unable to conceive a child the “natural way” and asked him if he would be willing to donate his sperm.Hmm, that was over ten years ago  and now there are 14 children without a father to call their very own. Denis, step away from the responsibility. Do you really want to be called deadbeat Octodad? You have a wife and two kids, do you think they really want 14 half siblings? Imagine friggin Christmas!!!!!

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Octo Welfare Mom

Surprise, surprise octomom is on welfare. All hail Nadya Suleman! Oh yeah, it seems three of her six non octuplet children are suffering from disabilities and are receiving Federal assistance. Miss Suleman is also collecting food stamps for her brood. Please, pray tell, how did she afford IVF ? Please, please, please don’t tell me she used the kids money! Hmm, I think we can all see where this is going! Go sell crazy somewhere else lady.

UPDATE : Hmm, it seems she did. Octomom now has her own website and guess what? She is selling crazy there. Oh boy, the woman is asking for donations! Please! Don’t believe me? Check out the Nadya Suleman Family. Note how they aren’t publishing people’s comments. Ooh I wonder why?

Wanna see octomom’s interview once again? Can you hear the kids Clarice? Is it me or does she give you a really friggin uneasy feeling, like “where the hell is the kid’s pet rabbit?”.


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Octuplet Venting

So you had a lonely childhood, big friggin deal, no reason to have 14 friggin kids under 7. Nadya Suleman is on her “media PR TV attention seeking limelight” tour, justifying to the world why she had octuplets. Hmm, I wanted to avoid this story like the plague but when she began talking about her lonely life as a single child being the reason for having all these kids, I nearly choked on my Cheerios. Oh boo hoo, her childhood left her feeling a lack of “self and identity”. Lady, get a cat.  What do ya think those kids are gonna feel ? Fourteen more friggin potentially lonely kids fighting for attention.  And I say to myself what a friggin selfish world.

Sure, people have large families (good on them) but they normally have 1 or 2 at a time (with a partner to boot) because that is all a mother can handle and afford. Right Dr Phil? Oh and the Medical Board of California should throw the book at the doctors who place 8 frozen embryos inside her without checking her background and circumstances. And don’t tell me it God’s will or I’ll scream! This is bulk buying. Oh and I don’t want to hear another word about how much this brood is gonna cost her because we will ALL be paying for them. Whew, glad I got that off my chest!

Ooh octogranny isn’t impressed by her daughters irresponsible decision to have 8 more mouths to feed. Seems octomom is one lazy, self obsessed loon using her breeding powers to deal with deep physiological issues of her past (watch the friggin interview if you don’t blieve me!). The octogranny, who has been left holding the babies (literally) said octomom couldn’t even handle the 6 she already has. Oh dear, can you hear the kids Clarice?

Wanna see Suleman justifying her breeding prowess? Go sell crazy somewhere else lady!

Now wanna see what Bill O’Reilly has to say?


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