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Mafia Hiding Place Exposed

body parts found in concrete recycling plant rubbleOh dear, the mafia have been sprung. Seems a concrete recycling plant in Nagasaki are finding body parts in the crushed up rubble. A hand and arm were discovered on the conveyor belt used to separate the concrete last week. No word on whether it is Jimmy Hoffa.


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Respect Your Elders

She might be a 66 year old Japanese woman from Nagasaki but she’ll break your nose as good as look at you, if you don’t give up your seat for her on a bus, damn you! Tamiko Masuta beat the living crap out of a teenager with her umbrella and foot when he refused to stand up for her. Hello, the little shit was taking up two seats in an area designated for senior cits. Sheez, the nerve.

Psst This wasn’t the first time she has been accused of beating up rude mannered whippersnappers!


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