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Happy New Year, TV Reality Star

Nude_stalkerDanielle Yancey? Anyone heard of Danielle Yancey? Well anywho, she is a US reality TV star (using that term lightly…never heard of her) and she just discovered a naked creepy guy wearing a Ronald Reagan mask wandering around her porch. Good news is, he had the decency to put a sock on it so she didn’t have the horror of seeing his manhood. The CCTV footage shows the creepy naked sock wearing guy peering into her window. Evidently HE was spooked by Danielle (anyone?) Yancey’s hubby and scampered off into the night. Sleep with one eye open.


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Free Entertainment

naked_guyGoing to work just a whole lot more exciting in Salford since naked guy appeared. For three months office workers have been watching a guy sunbathing naked on his balcony in an apartment across the road. Apparently he is oblivious to the attention he is receiving.


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