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Bwahahahahahaaha, check your reflection before snapping away …just saying.



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When two unfortunate incidents collide

A man and woman, who were being attacked by a polar bear were rescued by their naked neighbor. Fortunately naked man had a shovel to dong the bear on its head but wasn’t quite quick enough to avoid a little wrestle and a few lacerations. One witness said “I actually didn’t realize there was a person underneath the bear until I saw a hand waving. I panicked and started crying. It’s a miracle he’s OK. I’m still in shock.” You’re in shock, spare a thought for the poor bear!


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Man’s Best Friend?

Dog responsible for man's missing penisOMG, a man woke up after a night of drinking and discovered his penis was gone. Yep, gone.The dumb struck guy had no idea where it went. Fortunately his neighbors were able to shine some light on his disappearing appendage. Seems a neighborhood dog bit it off. Despite the man remembering being rushed to hospital he still doesn’t believe a dog got his bone.


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Come Down From There Right This Minute

This is the very reason you should stay off drugs people!!! A naked man spent three hours cavorting on the top of head  of the Duke of Cambridge statue in Central London… much to the delight of passerbys but not so much the police.  Must have been cold on his …. oh never mind!!!


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Dude, Where’s Your Pants?

An Arkansas couple were explaining to a TV crew how a tree had fallen on their house when a naked man walked out of the woods and killed the whole damn story. Seems the man was high as a kite.


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Lovin It

Show us ya golden arches!!!

How do you get a naked man down from a radio tower in Los Angeles? Lure him with two Big Macs. Police spent hours negotiating with the naked 45 year old before he requested two hamburgers from McDonalds. After finishing his meal he agreed to come down. Great! Now every hungry bastard in LA will be scaling towers naked!

Psst Hmm, I’d come down for a ice coffee granita, but not one from Maccas!!!


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Special Delivery

The life of a female newspaper delivery woman can often be rewarding but at times it can also be quite confrontational. Just ask the poor Easton delivery woman, she was minding her own beeswax, merrily delivering the papers at 5.30am when some balding, middle aged, naked guy jumps out of the bushes and begins yelling obscenities and masturbating in front of her.

Psst Slow news day!


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Is This The Year Of The Rat?

Nice tush!

Heavens to murgatroyd, what does one do when their brothel gets raided by Chinese police? Run!!! Poor dude had no time to whip on his clothes as police came a knocking so he fled starkers down the side of a building. Evidently the prostitute wasn’t far behind him (except she wore a towel).

Wants sauce with that and more photos?


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Naked man vs SWAT Robot

OK here’s the thing Florida police, if you send in a $65,000 SWAT robot into a house to check on a naked suicidal man, be prepared for him to shoot it with an  AK 47. I’m just sayin! When the robot finally emerged from the house it had bullet holes, frayed wire and broken cables. But on a bright note, no one was hurt.


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Just Say No

Let this be a warning to anyone planning to smoke PCP and marijuana  then gnaw on a few magic mushrooms, you might end up naked in a 40ft sewer hole. Eugene Gimzelberg did just that and he had to be hauled out of a sewer hole naked (except for one shoe and a few major injuries from the plunge)  by the Gilbert Fire Department. Awkward!

Want sauce with that?


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