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Cell Phone Nightmare


Woman loses phone at restaurant. Person finds phone and the nude photos the woman has taken of herself on phone. Person then sends the photos to everyone on her contact list. Woman only discovers this much, much  later. Priceless.

Want sauce with that?


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I Think I’m Falling For You

Hey, where did she go?

You know what I hate? When you take your secret lover up to the roof of a 30ft building in Aberdeen, Scotland, for a little sex romp and she falls through the roof…naked. I really friggin hate that. The red faced 19 year old Polish brunette had to be rescued by police and firefighters after she plummeted 10ft into a disused shop when the roof caved in during a sex session. As for the guy, he has remained anonymous due to the fact he is engaged to another woman. Awkward.


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Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Back to nature

Tacoma Police raced to Owen Beach after a witness called 911 saying there was a naked woman tied to a tree. Whoopsie, seems like it was just a kinky couple frolicking in the park. OK, move on, nothing to see here.


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No Shirt On Her Back

You know when you have one of those bad dreams where you go to school or work naked? Hmm, well a woman in Farmington lived out her nightmare. The 911 switchboard lit up like a Christmas tree when a naked woman drove herself into town and walked straight into the Anchor Bank.


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Has The Union Been Notified?

OK men, the next time you  wolf whistle at a woman, think long and hard about the consequences. Construction workers at a Vienna building site went screaming for cover when a naked blonde woman ran at them shouting “Who wants me”. Evidently no one, because the hard hatters went and hid until police arrived to take her away.

Naked woman scares construction workers on building site


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