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Naked Yoga

Yes officer can I help you?

Yes officer can I help you?

OK Loons, there is nothing wrong with doing yoga in a park unless of course you like to do it naked at 10.40 on a Sunday morning. When police arrived at Cortez Park in West Covina they found a completely naked 19 year old in a yoga pose. I’m hoping it wasn’t the Upward Facing Two-Foot Staff Pose…. just saying.

Psst Wouldn’t the grass make her itchy?


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Ebay Yellow Dress Fail

Note to self, when putting a photo up on eBay, make sure you don’t accidentally appear in the photo naked!!!! Oh dear, this poor British blonde has become an internet sensation after posting a photo of her yellow skater dress on eBay. Awkward doesn’t seem to cut it.

Blonde girl accidentally appears naked on ebay



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Royal Blush

What is worse than a French Magazine publishing topless photos of  Prince William’s wife? Hinting they have photos of her and William having sex. Dear lord, leave them alone. William , who is apparently fuming, has sought to sue the magazine. Meanwhile the editor has justified the  publishing of intimate photos by saying Prince Harry would feel ‘less alone’ when the magazine hits shelves. La bitch.

Psst 1 Fergie  denies she was seen in France with a long lens.

Psst Oh and for the record she is no longer Kate Middleton but Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.


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Naked In Seattle

Move over Arkansas we have a new streaker. A man in Seattle, who randomly football tackled a 16 year old girl and her bro, ran into a lake and stripped off after being chased by police. For 2 hours the naked dude bobbed and frolicked while cops and firefighters tried to retrieve him. He later went running around Duck Island starkers. Police said…and I quote…. “We don’t believe he has any weapons especially considering the temperature of the water.” Hmm, what kinda of weapons were they inferring???? The unidentified man was later taken into custody.

Psst Big Shout out to Craig Berry for sending the naked truth.


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When Harry Met Strip Billards

Oh boy, granny won’t be happy. Seems Prince Harry’s been flaunting his Royal jewels around Las Vegas. Obviously what happens in Vegas stays on TMZ. For crying out loud Harry, you could have at least moved your hands a little so we could get a squiz!!!!

Psst Wanna see….click here to TMZ


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Fifty Shades Of Grey Driver

Naughty boy

It’s bad enough when a truck pulls up next to you while you’re naked and masturbating in your car , but even worse when the arresting officer finds a toy pistol sticking up your butt and another contraption tied to your genitals. I think you should put Fifty Shades of Grey down right now mister!!!!


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Naked Maids Is So 80’s

Attention all loons living in Lubbock, Texas, you now have a naked maid service. Yes, for $100 an hour the Fantasy Maid Service of Lubbock will provide you with a naked maid but no touching.

Psst Hmm, just never, ever let them sit down.


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Obviously Photoshop Was NOT Used

OMG, Octomom has posed topless. Shoot me now!

I warn you, you can’t unsee this!!!!


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Naked Meltdown for KONY 2012 Founder

As you may have noticed I have avoided writing anything about the global KONY 2012 campaign as it seemed to be doing alright on its own. Hmm, but slap me down and call me Susan, I woke up this morning to the news that the co-founder of Invisible Children (the charity responsible for the viral KONY 2012 campaign) Jason Russell has been arrested for masturbating in public. Dude, really?


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Lovin It

Show us ya golden arches!!!

How do you get a naked man down from a radio tower in Los Angeles? Lure him with two Big Macs. Police spent hours negotiating with the naked 45 year old before he requested two hamburgers from McDonalds. After finishing his meal he agreed to come down. Great! Now every hungry bastard in LA will be scaling towers naked!

Psst Hmm, I’d come down for a ice coffee granita, but not one from Maccas!!!


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