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Fugging Isn’t As Funny

Oh no, say it ain’t so, the Austrian village of Fucking is voting for a name change. Seems they are sick and tired of being the butt of jokes. They are forever shooing off naked tourists who want to get snapped next to the town sign, which is surprising considering most of the signs have been stolen. The situation has become worse since some entrepreneurial locals have been selling Fucking Beer and Fucking Christmas cards. The town will vote on changing their name to Fugging.


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Stand up and take a bow good people of Speed in Victoria. The locals have agreed to change their tiny town’s name to SpeedKills to encourage people to slow down on country roads. Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC) approached the town with an offer they couldn’t refuse, if they managed to get 10,000 Facebook users to support the name change they would donate $10,000 to the local Lions Club. Guess what ? They now have over 30,000 supporters and TAC have doubled the offer.  Even local farmer Phil Down has got into the spirit and has changed his name to Phillip Slowdown. The name change will be for one month.

Want sauce with that?

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The Americanization Of Australia

You say ketchup, we say tomato sauce. What the? Friggin Heinz are taking “tomato sauce” off their Australian sauce bottles and replacing it with “Tomato Ketchup”. You don’t put friggin ketchup on a meat pie for crying out loud! Sheez, I bet this is Oprah’s doing!

Psst Thank god they can’t mess with a Chiko Roll!!!!


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Leave It To Beaver

I thought Northwest Passage was...ah never mind!!!!

You know you should have thought seriously hard before calling your magazine “The Beaver”. Canada’s second oldest mag is having a nightmare trying to get a web presence with the name “beaver”. Not only is it being blocked by people’s online porn filters it is often found hidden among the porn site listings. The magazine, which was originally named after the fur trade, is all about the country’s history and not so much about sex or a woman’s private parts. Despite mixed givings about changing the name after 90 years it seem inevitable …so Loons, any ideas?

Psst And NO Jammers ,they won’t be changing it to a history porn magazine!!!


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You Changed Your Name To What?

Of all the dumbass ideas. A man who is so friggin obsessed with crisps  has…wait for it…changed his name by deed poll to Mr Monster Munch. The man formerly known as Chris Hunt starts his day with a pickled onion Monster Munch  and the proceeds to crunch on the other flavors for lunch and dinner. Mr Munch has even managed to add the crisps into rice and pasta dishes. Mr Munch did not consult with Walkers, the company that makes the chips, before making the name change (there’s a copyright infringement right there!). Mr Munch isn’t worried about the health risks as he says he eats a balanced diet and runs five miles a day. Uh huh!

Psst There’s a heart attack waiting to happen.


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Friggin Name Changes

Yeah, I am Happy Adjustable Spanner

Yeah, I am Happy Adjustable Spanner

Hmm, now that it is so much easier to change your name by deed poll over 46,000 have already done it this year.  In what seems to be a new fad, people are changing their names by deed poll to some extraordinary absurd names. Some poor drunken fool lost a bet and had to change his name to Happy Adjustable Spanner (what a tool!). Tom Hayward changed his seeming basic name to N’Tom TheHayemaker Haywardyouliketocomebacktomine. Other stupid names included Luscious Lemons,Mr Tintin Captain Haddock Confused Brewer ,General Ninja Ant,Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk And The Flash Combined, McLovin and Aron Mufasa Columbo Fonzerelli Ball In A Cup Boogie Woogie Brown. Dear god what is wrong with these people, pity the fools who will end up marrying them!

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