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Game Changer

Standby Canadian basketball fans, the game is going to get a lot more interesting. An up and rising star is about to use his real name for the first time … introducing Guilherme Carabagiale Fuck. The college basketball player has been using, up until now, “Carabagiale” on the back of his uniform but he says he is proud of his name and would like to use it in his professional career. So many lines I could use right now ….

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Robbery Notes 101

Of all the friggin stupid things mister, using a piece of paper with your name on it to write a hold up note, sheez!  Bruce Manlove, you are the weakest link! Mr Manlove used the back of his Department of Correction letter to write “This is  a robbery”. After handing over 17 packs of cigarettes the clerk refused to hand back the note. Hello, evidence.

Psst Dude, cigarettes?


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On A Sour Note

Attention whore, Lady Gaga, was none too happy when she found out about breast milk ice cream being sold in London. Hmm, yeah OK, she thought it was “nausea inducing” but more troubling to her was the fact  the owner called it Baby Gaga. That’s copyright infringement right there. Hello, she doesn’t want no one taking advantage of her reputation or good name. Hmm, seems she is oblivious to the fact the word “gaga” has been associated with babies long before her meat wearing, egg cracking ways. Anywho, she has threatened to sue.

Psst Still no cure for cancer!


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