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Over His Dead Body

What up nanny state? When a grandfather requested to have “The little bugger did his best” on his gravestone his grandson wasn’t expecting the council response. Evidently they deemed it inappropriate language. Boo. The grandson said it was his granddad’s dying wish but the English council are adamant it won’t be allowed. They fear a member of the public may get offended.

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Red Marks The Spot

student 3OMG the Nanny State is at it again. A British school is ditching their red pens because wait for it …. it’s a negative colour. Bhahahahahahah that is what it is suppose to represent you fools. It is meant to alert the student they have got something WRONG. Not nearly wrong or a little wrong …. friggin WRONG. The school is encouraging the teachers to make “two or three positive comments about a student’s homework and point out perhaps one thing that will take them to the next stage.”  Cue eye roll.


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Porn Gone .Com

I guess it's Discovery channel then!

Nanny State are planning to block all internet porn. Yes, you heard me correctly ALL internet porn.  The only way people in the UK will be able to access porn will be via an opt in system (which no doubt will be monitored).Hmm, so what will the Pommes do for entertainment? Dear god,  they might have to go back to having real sex! Gord blimey. Let the censorship begin.


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Welcome to a World Gone Mad

Personally I think it's offensive!

A cafe owner in England has been ordered to remove an extractor fan because…wait for it…the smell of bacon offends Muslims. Beverley Akciecek who owns the cafe said she has had the fan for three years and has never had any complaints. Ironically her hubby is a Turkish Muslim.Welcome to Nanny State.


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Friggin Mother-in-law Jokes

Oh dear, the Nanny State are at it again, this time mother-in law jokes are in the firing line. The London Borough of Barnet have banned staff from telling mother-in-law jokes because they are ‘offensively sexist’ and disrespectful to ‘family elders’. Hmm, yeah, so?

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Swimming Pools a Fire Risk

Putting out another pool fire mister?

Hello Health and Safety, banning paddling pools because they are a “fire risk” is taking the whole Nanny State thing a little too far don’t you think? While officials are banning the 4 kidddie pools at a block of flats because the housing association in Romford say it might get in the way of engines, firefighters are branding the whole thing ridiculous. Hmm, yeah because with their trucks, they’ll simply drive over the little friggin snowflakes if they get in the way.Kidding people. They say the water would come in handy if a fire broke out.


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No Flying of That Flag

OK, here’s the thing Nanny State, flying a flag of Jesus Christ outside a church is advertising Christianity…. so what? Reverend Mark Binney St Andrews Church in Hampton, Evesham, Worcestershire, had been told to take his Easter’s Holy Week flag down or face a  £1,000 fine and a criminal record because he didn’t have “advertising consent” from the council. Problem it seems is the flag wasn’t placed on the roof of the church, therefore breached planning laws.

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Out On A Limb

You know what’s a bitch? When teachers refuse to help a five year old stuck in a tree for health and safety reasons but dob in the passerby who eventually helps the little snowflake down . The little boy climbed the 20 ft tree and then refusing to budge so the teachers followed the guidelines by leaving him up there while they watched from inside the school. That’s when Kim Barrett spotted him and gave him a hand down. Enter head teacher from Manor school in Melksham.Instead of thanking the good Samaritan she was informed the school had rung the police for trespassing.


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It’s Criminal!

Simply brilliant, the Sentencing Advisory Panel in the UK has asked judges and magistrates NOT to give prison sentences to “ordinary” burglars unless they cause damage or hurt someone. Nanny State, Nanny State. Hello, if it wasn’t for petty thieves Australia wouldn’t be the country it is today! This comes after reports reveal that burglaries have increased 1% from the previous year. It sends a nice clear message to anyone thinking about taking up the thieving occupation, it’s OK as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Hmm, they might as well not make it a crime to steal. Welcome to anarchy!

Psst Hmm, if this is the new guidelines, maybe they should make it legal for the VICTIM to dish out their own form of punishment if they catch the shits stealing their possessions!


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What’s Wrong with Tickle Cock Bridge?

WTF, I was conceived there!

Geez, Nanny State what’s the color red? The council in Castleford, West Yorkshire decided that the Tickle Cock Bridge should be renamed to save embarrassment for civil servants but the locals said stuff politically correctness they like their Victorian landmark just the way it is. The council in their infinite wisdom decided to erect a new plaque renaming the bridge Tittle Cott, which resulted in a massive backlash by residents. A public meeting was organized and a large majority voted to have the name reinstated. Back to being embarrassed you civic leaders.

Psst Tickle Cock Bridge has been around since the late 19th century and refers to a “monkey run” where boys and girls did their courting. Geez, they should be grateful it wasn’t built in the 21st Century or it more than likely would have been called “**** **** Bridge” (you fill in the blanks!)


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