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Dumb and Dumber

Not that I think any other country would fair any better but a UK survey has revealed how much people are ignorant of agricultural facts. For starters 26% of youngins thought bacon came from sheep, 29% thought oats grew on trees and 17% of adults and kiddies thought eggs were an ingredient of bread. The survey was conducted for the Home Grown Cereals Authority and the National Farmers’ Union. Hmm, seems they have a little bit of PR work ahead of them. Meanwhile over in OZ a list of bizarre Oz tourism questions revealed pretty much the same type of ignorance….”Can I catch a train from Fiji to New Zealand?”, “Can you get Australian money out of ATMs overseas?” and my favorite, an Aussie asked “What was the duty free allowance in Tasmania?”


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How To Avoid Death By Cow!

You mess with me, I"ll kill ya!

You mess with me, I"ll kill ya!

People, can you stop provoking the cows. This serious warning comes from the National Farmers Union following the deaths of 4 people in Britain in the last two months due to aggressive cows protecting their calves (no, not Octomom, sheez!).Cows, just like bulls, will get hell pissed and charge if they so much as think their bubs are under threat. This would explain why people walking their dogs are the number one victims of cow attacks. It’s the dog not the owner the cow are really focused on (though the walker is usually the victim of collaterial damage). Advise, take your dog off the leash when walking past angry looking cows!


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