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Nazi Gift Wrapping

swaztikaI swear this happens every year. Walgreens have had to pull a selection of Hanukkah wrapping paper because it features a swastika shape design. Settle people, it is actually the ancient Sanskrit symbol from Hinduism that means good luck, but given it appears on a specifically Jewish celebration product I’m thinking insensitive.


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Greece Is Clutching At Straws

You know your country is screwed when you have to set up a task force to scour the historical archives looking for unpaid reparations to starve off bankruptcy . Seems Germany may still owe Greece some $7.5 million  for Nazi war crimes . Greece believes they still have the right to lay claim to the unpaid World War II money. Hmm, this could be interesting considering Germany has been the biggest donor of bail out packages for the debt ridden country since Greece’s plummet from the Eurosphere .


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Hitler’s Bedsheet Anyone?

Not the sheets!!!

Hey Loons, get your pocket money out, Hitler’s bed sheets are up for auction. Oooh, imagine rolling around in that Nazi linen? A single white bedsheet and pillowcase embroidered with swastikas and Adolph’s initials could be yours for around  £3000. Seems Hitler’s trusty housekeeper Anni Winter removed a lot of Hitler’s personal items after he and Eva commited soup pudding in the bunker and the items are  now resurfacing around auction houses in Europe. Hmm, I have my doubts Adolph ever slept in a single bed, unless of course Eva kicked him out for snoring. Anywho, anyone who doesn’t fear bad karma can bid next week in Bristol.

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Mention The War!

Um yeah, about that ride. When considering naming a carnival ride, I would probably avoid the name “The Zyklon” as Zyklon B was the name of the gas used by the Nazis to kill millions of Jews during the Holocaust. I’m just saying! Sure it is also German for cyclone but many South Florida residents don’t see it that way. One Holocaust survivor said “Of all the names in the world, why do they need to name rides that? It’s upsetting to me to come across that, as a survivor. I lost my whole family in the gas chambers, particularly in Auschwitz.”
That word isn’t new to controversy in the US, a few years back  a company tried to trademark the name Zyklon for appliances they were selling, which included gas ovens.


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Himmler Loved His Mummy

Anyone interested in Gestapo leader Heinrich Himmler’s postcards to his mummy? They’re up for auction loons, could go nicely with Hitler’s hanky collection. Despite the nasty Nazi having his hands full with the war and all, he never failed to send his mother a postcard  from wherever he was rampaging in  Europe. One card reads “My dearest mummy! Today I am sending you very warm greetings from Paris. I hope you are well.” Hmm, still can’t warm to him!!!

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Dead Woman Walking

Phew, the heats finally off Mel. OMG, Susan Sarandon called Pope Benedict a Nazi, not just once, but twice during an interview. Usually that is a career killer right there but lets face it, her career has been dead for quite awhile now. It is pretty common knowledge that the Pope was a member of the Hitler Youth as a kid but hello, it was compulsory and anywho he didn’t actively participate.


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RIP White Mouse

Nancy Wake the most decorated servicewoman of WWII has died at 98. A trained nurse and then spy, she became a key player in the French Resistance against the Nazis. She was so good at avoiding capture the gestapo eventually nicknamed her the white mouse. She lead them merry dance throughout the war by blowing up installations, distributing  weapons, delivering secret codes to the Allies on her bicycle and killing a few SS soldiers along the way.  Despite being awarded the highest decorations from the French , British and Americans , Wake received Jack from the country where she grew up, Australia because she was born in New Zealand (moved to Australia when she was 1) and never fought as an Australian servicewoman . In 2001 she left Australia telling the government of the time it “could stick their medals where the monkey stuck his nuts”. Attagirl. Three years later she had a change of heart and accepted the Companion of the Order of Australia. She passed away peacefully at her retirement home in west London. RIP White Mouse.
Lest We Forget

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Sheez, Glad I Got That Off My Chest!

OK, here’s the thing 96 year old woman, confessing to a murder you committed 65 years ago still aint going to get you into heaven! Atie Ridder-Visser wrote a letter to the mayor of Leiden in Amsterdam confessing to the murder/ assassination of Felix Gulje in 1946. Gulje was about to run for a high political post when Visser knocked on his door and shot him in the chest. Seems Visser, who was a member of a resistance group, heard rumors he was a Nazi collaborator. Hmm, boy was she wrong. Following his death it was revealed Gulje had sheltered Jews and helped hide families from the Nazis. Whoops. Dutch authorities say they will not prosecute Visser.

Want sauce with that?


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Quickest Way To Exit Cannes and Kill Your Career

Dear god, the best way to instantly kill your film career stone dead 101. Go to Cannes film festival in France to promote your film and during your press conference confess you are a Nazi sympathizer. Oh and don’t forget to implicate the star of your movie for added value. Poor Kirsten Dunst looked like she’d just watched a repeat of Marie Antoinette  while the Israeli distributors of the film were WTFing  . Oh well Lars Von Trier, se la vie, nice knowing you. The Danish film maker was given “persona non grata” status and told to get his Hitler loving ass out of there after his Nazi rant. I bet he’s praying for the Rapture!


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Well This Is Awkward

Shall we give him some of his own medicine?

OK, here’s the thing you Nazi, if you have a tattoo of a Reichsadler (Imperial eagle) perched on a swastika on your arm, just hope your surgeon isn’t Jewish! A Jewish doctor in Germany walked out of a surgery and refused to operate on his patient after he noticed the Nazi tatt on his arm. So much for the Hippocratic Oath.


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