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I’ll Pass On The Banana Smoothie

Want to know the best way to make the sales of bananas plummet? Spread a rumor via email that Mozambique bananas are infected with a flesh eating disease. Yes, that will do it. The email warns people against eating the fruit because they could be infected by necrotising fasciitis just like South African bananas. What the?

Psst It’s not true, walk away, no flesh eating  bananas here!


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Flesh Eating Bug Consumes Prisoners Penis

It ate your what? Hmm, and they say the plague was bad!

It ate your what? Hmm, and they say the plague was bad!

Having necrotising fasciitis will get you $500,000 if you are in a United States prison. Charlie Manning has just been given half a mil because the flesh eating bacteria, well, ate his penis (oh and one testicle).Poor old Charlie was misdiagnosed whilst serving a 13 month stint in Stafford Creek prison in Washington. The prison doctor thought it was an allergic reaction to medication (hmm reactions don’t munch on your genitals!). All’s well that ends well though, surgeons have made a replacement penis with skin from Manning’s thigh (that sounds nice).

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