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Strawberry Terrorism

Currently, Australia is in a state of emergency over strawberries. Someone (or a group) has been placing needles and pins in strawberries throughout Australia. It started with one person swallowing a sewing needle and from there it has escalated. Police aren’t sure if it is copycat behaviour but there have now been needles found in strawberries everywhere. Initial panic has resulted in strawberry farmers having to dump their stock. So sad, considering farmers are doing it tough of late. Authorities have no idea at what stage the needles were inserted into the fruit.  It seems all strawberry farmers across Australia have been affected so I am guessing it is happening after the fruit has left the farms. Hopefully, the social media campaign underway to encourage people to buy, buy, buy, will counteract these lowlife scums . We won’t be held to ransom by strawberry terrorists.

PSST I wonder if this is just a case of sour grapes? (pun intended)



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Library Closes Toilets

toilet 6Sorry weak bladdered bookworms, the Vermont Library is locking its loos . Reason? Seems druggies are clogging the drains with hypodermic needles and other drug paraphernalia . Sheez, so now where are people suppose to read?


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Delta Airlines Has A Food Terrorist

OMG, needles have been found in 6 turkey sandwiches on four different Delta flights from Amsterdam to the US. The sandwiches , made in Amsterdam, were for business class passengers. Only one person was injured after eating the prickly delight.

Psst Hmm, at least they didn’t eat with forked tongues!!!


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Stepdad Sticks 50 Needles in Boy

You know you are going to hell when you stick over 50 sewing needles into a two year old’s body. Roberto Carlos Magalhaes, the stepfather, has admitted to performing black magic on the child by sticking metal needles into him as a way to get back at his wife of 6 months…oh and because his mistress told him to! Some of the needles which are 5cm (2″) long  are so close to vital organs surgeons will be unable to remove them. Strangely doctors found no outside wounds on the boy though they believe they were inserted one by one and had not been swallowed. The boy remains in a Brazilian hospital in a serious condition.


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