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Good Luck Selling Your House!

Titus Terranova has made it extremely hard for his next door neighbor to sell their house, which is located in rural Colorado. Reason? He has painted  a 12ft sign on the side of his caravan warning potential buyers he’s the neighbor from hell. The sign which is visible to anyone looking at the property reads
3 Rottweilers
Loud Parties
Loud Music
Loud Cars

Surprisingly there have been no takers and the seller is now considering taking out an injunction to force Terranova to remove the sign.


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One Finger Salute

If you thought your neighbors were bad, spare a thought for the residents of Frogmore Crescent in Melbourne who have the  neighbor from hell. It all started about 18 months ago when the man  moved into the street and began clearing trees. Problem? Its a “Green Wedge” area, which is an area set up to preserve rural and scenic landscapes and requires a permit to remove vegetation. We will skip the very loud music bit and go straight to the lawn blower incident. A neighbor, John Washbourne, was allegedly headbutted after he confronted the man after he used his leaf blower to blow dust and debris into the caravan Mr Washbourne was cleaning. But wait, the best bit is yet to come. The man chainsawed a 1.2m sculpture of a middle finger out of wood and plonked it in his front yard as a little message to his neighbors. Hmm, well he’s quite talented at least!

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Granny Dearest!



I thought the best part about getting old was that you could be as grumpy as you liked and make everyone’s life a misery if you so pleased? Hello, that’s my goal! So imagine my shock and horror when I read that 98 year old Mary Plaisted is getting the flick from her sheltered housing flat in Southampton because she is “the neighbor from hell”. For 28 years she has assaulted her carers, banged on neighbors windows, shouted abuse, used the panic alarm 563 times (in a month) and made 264 calls to police (in 2 years). Go granny, at least you are staying active! However, the Southampton City council, who had pretty much had it up to here (I am pointing skyward) with Ms Plaisted’s antics, took her to court where the  judge told her she had 28 days to get out of her home and find somewhere else to live. Geez,  an eviction notice for being anti social at 98, harsh! Hmm, I might have to reassess this getting old thing again!

Psst You who Nurse Myra, got room for one more at Gimcrack?


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