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It’s The Season To Be Jolly

A woman in Denham Springs decided that Christmas time was the perfect time to get back at her neighbor. So up she went on her roof and deliberately layed out her Christmas lights to look like a hand flipping the bird. Fa Lalalala Lala La La ….


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Love Thy Neighbor

Edward Jimmis is highly unlikely to win citizen of the year after he put a wreath on the back of his garage door with a handmade sign which read “Glad you have canser. So die stupid.” (and no , he can’t spell very well either). The target was his next door neighbor, Bob Gold, who is fighting cancer. When police asked the cold hearted Jimmis to remove the sign he refused because technically he wasn’t breaking any laws. Evidently the two had a falling out! It was only after a news reporter rocked up that Jimmis switched the sign to “Love your neighbor”.


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Clutching at Straws

Never trust an ant killer!

In an attempt to come to grips with the Norwegian massacre, some people who knew Anders Behring Breivik are trying to think of clues and hints they may have missed which could have indicated he was a friggin mass murdering psycho. My favorite is compliments of Lina Engelsrud, one of Breivik’s neighbors who told reporters   “He used to spit in the basement and pee in the neighbour’s shed. He took great pleasure in killing ants.”

Psst An ant killer a serial killer does not make!


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Someone Should Move

OK, here’s the thing lady, after having spent 6 years in jail for shooting your neighbor in the leg over a property line dispute , it’s probably not wise to pepper spray and then hit him over the head with a stick (allegedly). Hmm, that’s what happens when you both have to share the same road to access their properties. Artemesia Lee’s grief this time was because every time he opened his gate her dogs would bark. Hmm, seems only right, at first you don’t succeed….

Want sauce with that?


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So Who’s Been A Naughty Llama?

You get chased by a Ilama named Henry, who jumps on you then knocks you into a woodpile. Not finished just quite yet, Henry then headbutts and kicks your car while you make a frantic 911 call. The police arrive and Henry turns his attention to the cop car. The police drive into the paddock with Henry in hot pursuit, they do a uturn, exit and close the gate…ta-da. When the owner arrives a few minutes later he tells them not to worry, Henry just likes to smell new people!

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Well At Least She Didn’t Rub Their Face In It!

Ah shit, an Illinois woman has been arrested after it was alleged she smeared dog poop all over her neighbor’s patio after she accidentally stepped in it. Susan Miller was decidedly pissed when she discovered she had shit on her shoe, so proceeded to plastered it over the dog owner’s patio along with a sign asking residents to clean up after their dogs and a pile of dog poop bags.


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Vuvuzela Death In Durban

OK here’s the thing teenage football fan playing the vuvuzela in Durban, if your neighbor hears you, your pretty much dead. Asande Cele (14) was blowing away on his vuvuzela after his team Bafana Bafana beat France at the World Cup when kaboom, he was shot dead by his grumpy neighbor who hated the noisy friggin horn.

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Can You Tuck It In Please!!!!

Ewh, ewh, ewh, a man rang police after his 57 year old thong wearing neighbor kept exposing his gray haired scrotum. The man and his family (including children) were enjoying themselves at home when the next door neighbor bent down several times on his back deck  revealing his “scrotum”. When the man asked the neighbor not to do it as there was children present he said “if you don’t like it call the cops.” Hmm so he did!

Psst You can read the police report and full story here at Off The Beat.


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