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Bite Me

Residents of Phoenix beware. A pack of vicious chihuahuas are roaming the streets harassing everyone.

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Neighborhood Hopping Mad

OK, here’s the thing man from Idaho Falls who likes to wear a bunny suit around the neighborhood, friggin quit it, you are scaring the kids, especially when you hide behind trees and point your finger like a gun.

Want sauce with that?


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There Goes The Neighborhood

My Bad?

What’s worse than a 3 year old with a blow torch? Hmm, just about nothing! Police are investigating the trail of destruction left by a toddler  allegedly  wielding a handheld blowtorch. The little snowflake,wearing  only a tee, was reportedly seen walking down Route 388 in Shenango with his trusty blowtorch. When the smoke settled he had set fire to his garage,  burned a neighbor’s porch swing, a knob on a septic tank, a broom , a sliding door and singed a gas grill. When the police eventually found the little flame thrower and took him home nobody answered the door. Evidently mom was asleep having worked a night shift. Bless!


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Entire Neighborhood Explodes

Breaking news – An enormous explosion has leveled a neighborhood in San Bruno near San Francisco. At the moment the fire is  too hot for firefighters to get close enough to contain the flames and a firestorm is threatening more homes. Authorities are unsure if the explosion was due to a plane crash or a natural gas explosion. Despite no reports of a plane missing many residents said they heard what sounded like a plane engine moments before the kabooom! So far over 12 houses have been incinerated and flames are reaching up to 60ft high. There is no word yet if any residents have been injured or killed in the explosion but hospital are expecting the worse.

UPDATE : The San Bruno fire chief is saying the explosion was caused by a break in a two-foot-wide natural gas pipeline at a little after 6pm.


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Officer, There Is A Really Big Cat In My Yard

Sorry officer!

Sorry officer, my bad?

Here pussy, pussy, pussy. A tiger used in the Fernando Brothers Magic Act in Las Vegas decided it was time to check out the strip.While no one was looking, he performed a little disappearing act of his own and took to the streets. Soon bored with the bright lights and having lost all his money, he wandered a little further afield.Petrified residents were soon dialing 911 as the tiger sauntered through the neighborhood. He was eventually found frolicking in someones back yard.

Psst : For the tiger’s next trick he plans to pull a rabbit out of his hat!


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