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If You Feed Squirrels They Will Come

Hey, this ain't no peanut ,lady!!!

Poor Annick Richardson is facing jail time. Her crime? Going onto other people’s property to feed peanuts to the squirrels. Yep, this Ohio women is obsessed with the welfare of her community squirrels. Hmm, her neighbors? Not so much. Evidently she has been doing it for years but the neighbors have finally had enough of the squirrels running amok. They are claiming the squirrels are hording the peanuts in air conditioners, ruining gardens and even chewing through car wiring. One neighbor had to move because her grandson has severe allergic reactions to peanuts.

Want sauce with that?


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There Goes The Neighborhood

Hmm, if you are going to move into a neighborhood and plonk a statue in your front yard, I suggest not  David and definitely not in Texas. The good folk of Abilene can’t believe their  luck when a family moved into  Lollipop Lane ( seriously!) and placed a statue of David in their front yard.  Problem? He’s goddam naked and you can see everything. One angry neighbor said “Some art needs to be left in the doggone museum,” Police say it isn’t illegal to have a naked statue on display and the owners of David say it’s just art! Hmm, you ain’t in Kansas anymore!

You gotta watch the video, friggin hilarious.


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Weed Whacker vs Bucket of Water

Oh for the love of god, not the friggin weed whacker! A 20 year hate feast between two neighbors in Hesse, Germany, got ugly when one of the elderly men attacked the other with a weed whacker (aka whipper snipper). It all started when one of the men decided to trim his lawn with the weed whacker, disturbing the other man. So pissed off, he grabbed a bucket of water and threw it over him. That’s when the weed whacking dude turned on him with his gardening tool, ripping him to shreds. The fight ended after the victims wife broke it up, but the man had to be flown to hospital via helicopter with multiple flesh wounds and severe damage to his knees. The weed whacking villain was arrested and may be charged with attempted homicide. No word on whether he finished trimming his grass!

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Honey Why Is There A Hole In My House?

Civil War buff fires cannonball into neighbors houseYou know one of the problems with living next door to a Civil War buff is that  sometimes they can accidentally fire cannonballs at your house and on occassions hit it! William Maser’s hobby is recreating Civil War cannons and firing them. Hmm but sometimes the ball can just simply ricohete where it wants. Take last week for instance, he shot a  cannonball which ricocheted unexpectedly, flew 400 yards into his neighbors yard, slammed through a window and wall of the house before ending up in their clothes closet.Bet he couldn’t do that again.Hmm, well he will have to wait until he sorts out his reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct charges before trying again.

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