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Neo Nazi Thug Should Have Read The T-Shirt


OK, here’s the thing neo-Nazi skinhead with racist tatts all over your body, don’t be trying to pick a fight with an African American wearing a t-shirt with “Spokane Boxing Club champion.” clearly printed on it, you’ll be friggin sorry. Daren C. Abbey, a white supremist skinhead confronted Marlon Baker at a bar in Idaho. Mr Baker, who didn’t want no trouble, walked away but of course Mr Abbey was cruisin’ for a bruisin’and began taunting him with racial slurs. That’s when kapow, Baker punched the fool in the facing knocking him out cold. When he regained consciousness Abbey was handcuffed, arrested and charged. Embarrassed much?

Psst Seems despite Mr Baker’s t-shirt, he has never boxed professionally.


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It’s A Cover Up

I would like to plead innocent sir!

WTF. A judge has allowed a $150 a day cosmetologist to come in daily to court to apply make-up to a man charged with murder because his face is covered with neo Nazi tattoos. Oh and send that bill to the people of Florida thank you very much. John Allen Ditullio, a self confessed neo-Nazi, is on trial for the murder of a neighbor. It is alleged that Ditullio donned on a gas mask, broke into a neighbors house and stabbed the two occupants, killing one of them, in what is believed to be a hate crime . Because he is facing a death penalty, Ditullio’s lawyers successfully argued that the tattoos, with include a 15cm swastika under his ear, barbed wire down his face and vulgar words scrawled down his neck, may influence the jury’s opinion. Ya think?


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Nice Neo Nazi Loophole

Thank you. You won't be sorry!

Thank you. You won't be sorry!

A Federal appeal court in Germany has ruled it is OK for people to display Nazi slogans as long as it isn’t written in the German language. This follows the controversy court case involving a shipment of t-shirts bearing the slogan “Blood and Honour”. Had they read  “Blut und Ehre”, well that would have been a whole other story considering it was Hitler Youth’s motto. Anywho, despite the neo-Nazi being allowed to sell his t-shirts (in English) he may still in big doo-dah for the banned Nazi symbols that also adorn them.

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