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Prays For Nepal

Yellow-RibbonThoughts and prayers to the people of Nepal and to the 300 or so Australians still unaccounted for following the earthquake on Saturday.


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Man vs Wild


OK loons, if I was bitten by a cobra I’d lay down and die (after I freaked a little) but not Mohamed Salmo Miya. The Nepalese farmer was so annoyed at the snake for biting him while he was working in the field, he chased it and then bit it to death. Miya told reporters ‘I could have killed it with a stick but I was mad with anger and wanted to take revenge. I killed it with my teeth.’  Hmm, might be some anger management issues there.


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Honey, Pass Me The Dong Chong

That's right, my dong chong is baaaack!!!

Move over Viagra there’s a new kid on the block and it goes by the name of “Himalayan Viagra” or “dong chong xia cao”. The $800 an ounce anti impotence cure is  taking New York by storm. Wanna know what it is? Hmm, try fungus covered silkworms from Nepal! Oh yucky pooh, these special silkworms have  been attacked by a  fungus, killed and then entombed. Evidently you just sprinkle it on your cereal and viola, you’re  up all night.


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Bucket List Wish

Well guess whose going to have their ashes scattered on the top of Mt Everest? Oh come on people this is an easy one., Sir Edmund Hillary. Yep, a little piece of  Sir Edmund Hillary will forever be on top of Mount Everest now that Apa Sherpa has agreed to scatter some of his ashes on the peak.  Apa will scatter the ashes,  which have been kept at a Buddhist monastery in the village of Kunde, to the  four winds when he makes his 20th ascent this year. A fitting gesture .

Psst Apa holds the record for climbing the mighty mountain the most times.


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I’m Feeling a Little Flushed

It's on my TO DO list

OK, it's on my bucket list

Want a citizenship card or Nepalese passport, get a friggin toilet people. Hello, the Surkhet district are getting a little pissed that there is only one public toilet for its 44,000 residents and visitors would be pushing it to find a loo if they were bursting (bye-bye tourism) . Authorities believe only 1 in every 3 households actually have a toilet (pray tell where do they read the newspaper, for goodness sakes!). Hmm, so I guessing no one has heard of plumber’s crack!

So anywho, as an incentive for people to build themselves a dunny, crapper, porcelain castle, throne, outhouse, john, bog, khazi, doughnut in grannys green house, shithouse, turkish embassy or Squat Spot the authorities are making it difficult for them to get official documentation (though they can’t “really” deny them the right to citizenship). This comes on the back of a horrid diarrhoea outbreak that killed about 150 people during monsoon season. The government has promised that there will be no open defecation by 2017. Geez, next they will be wanting toilet paper, air deodorizers and potpourri. Hmm, they might be able to get them cheap in China…ah never mind!


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