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Shawshank Redutchion

Details are sketchy but a violent criminal who was serving time in a Breda prison in the Netherlands used a spoon to dig herself out. No word on how long it took the woman to dig the tunnel but it started in her cell. I wonder what she used to stir her coffee? Authorities say she is still on the loose.

Psst Hmm, the tax department might want to check the prison’s books? I hear Zihuatanejo is nice this time of year! I’m just saying.

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Don’t Sniff The Roses!

They make me feel so happy!!!

Bless, oh our little Columbian drug smugglers have been at it again, trying to out fox  customs… will they ever learn? This time our sneaky little cartel hid 4kg of cocaine among 20,000 long stem roses, destination Netherlands, in a Valentine’s Day rouse. Dumbasses thought the scent of  roses would confuse the drug pooches!

Psst Now there’s a bouquet guaranteed to give you sinus troubles!


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Who Has A Friggin Pill Collection?

OK , why would anyone have a 2,400 ecstasy pill collection for starters ? An Amsterdam man, who spent 20 years collecting Ecstasy pills as a hobby, had a conscience attack and rang police when they were stolen. Evidently the red and white ones are friggin poisonous and lethal. The unnamed man said despite knowing he wont get his collection back if found, he doesn’t want a death on his conscience. The man also claims he isn’t a drug dealer and has never taken the drug, he was just fascinated with the different shapes, colors and logos on the tablets! Hmm, suppose it beats collecting buttons (though they can be potentially as dangerous if swallowed!). Anywho the man’s house was robbed and the ecstasy tablets, which were neatly arranged in coin collecting folders, were taken.

Psst Geez his collection would have been worth a bit!


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