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Dog Gone

Dog sitter had champion dog neuteredOMG. A woman who was ¬†dog sitting a champion Samoyed named Justin is in big doodah after she not only refused to return the pooch, but also had it neutered. ūüėĮ Hmm, move on, nothing to lick here.

Psst There goes the stud fees.


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There Goes My Calling At 3am

OMG, when Buddy, a valuable Siamese-Bengal cross pedigree cat,¬† went missing in New Zealand the owner was understandable upset. But imagine her shock-horror when a few days later the cat strolls back home missing his balls! Yep, someone had the puddy cat surgically neutered. Needless to say Michelle Curtis is furious as she intended Buddy to be a stud cat “What am I supposed to do now? I can’t exactly get someone to sew them back on,” Hmm, ain’t that the truth!


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