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That’s A Bum Wrap

I don’t think it counts as a “cinema shooting” when a moviegoer accidentally shoots himself in the butt in Nevada. The unlucky devil was watching The Bourne Legacy when the gun he was carrying fell on the floor and kaboomed him in the ass. Only a few people heard the bang so there was no need for alarm. And anywho, most people were probably grateful for the distraction…. I hear the movie’s crap.


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Naked Dude Alert

Dean Richard Mark  was the naked guy discovered lying face down and tied to a rock at the Whittell High School in Lake Tahoe.When students asked him whether he needed a hand to get untied, he simple got up, put his clothes back on and left. When questioned by police he said he wanted to see what the buzzards, who were circling above, would do! Dumbass, they were probably laughing to themselves.


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