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Murder She Wrote

sherlock 2Well I must be honest, I didn’t see this coming. Seems the death of  Brittany Murphy and her hubby maybe a MURDER. At the request of the late actress’s father new tests have revealed she and hubby may have died from extremely high levels of heavy metals … like those found in rat poison.Her strange eratic behaviour, which lead many to believe she was taking drugs, could have been symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. So the big question is, who would want these relatively “non high profile” people dead?


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Man Claims Amanda Knox Is innocent

Are they innocent?

Just when you thought Foxy Knoxy was as guilty as sin, up pops a friggin Mafia dude claiming his brother was the killer all along. Luciano Aviello, who is currently serving 17 years in prison, is adamant it was his brother who killed Meredith Kercher and not Amanda Knox. And whats more, he says he has the evidence to prove it. Luciano claims his brother Antonio turned up unexpectedly at his house the night of the murder covered in blood. He told him he had bungled a burglary and killed a woman. Luciano then hid the bloody knife and the keys to Kercher and Knox’s apartment under a little wall behind his house. Despite writing several letters to the presiding judge during the trial his story was never investigated.


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No Interbreeding With Neanderthals !

Ok, here is what happened when a study was done on a leg bone from a 38,000 year old Neanderthal. It kinda proved that Neanderthals didn’t breed with humans? Hell, I could have told you that, have you had a good look at one, recently?. I wouldn’t even go on a date with one, let alone think about sex! But that is not to say I haven’t met a few in my time.
These short, ugly, robust guys were roaming around Europe some 300,000 years ago, but as soon as us humans (or homosapiens, as scientists like to call us) migrated to the area some 250,000 years later, they disappeared (go figure, we do have standards!). Original conclusion was that “us” and “them” bred, thus creating a hybrid population (which would explain the old “throwback” theory). But now scientists are saying nup, they didn’t interbreed at all, but most probably died from disease.
Which makes it so much harder to explain some of my relatives.

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