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The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Oh my, Connecticut prison officials are pushing new laws to have masturbating inmates labelled sex offenders. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong? Seems its become quite a sport to whip it out and slap the monkey in front of prison guards and counselors, especially if they are women. If the legislation gets passed 5 years could be added to sentences of inmates found guilty. Officials say the behavior isn’t about sex but about power and demoralizing someone. Evidently last year there were 500 incidents at one prison alone.

Psst Hmm, so if it isn’t about sex, why do they want to label them “sex offenders” maybe it is better just to call them power, control freaking wankers ?

Want sauce with that?


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New Zealand Gets Tough On Internet Users

WTF? MUM!!!!!!!

Oh my, the New Zealand government is taking radical steps to curb  Copyright infringement (file sharing) on the Internet. They are planning to pass a law which allows them to cut off access to repeat offenders. Hmm, lets just say that went down like a cup of cold sick. Protesting has already begun, check out the url to the story for starters …. http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/4882838/government-is-totally-fucked


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Don’t Worry, The Stains Should Come Out Of The Carpet

Hmm, about that house!

Bless, Aussie real estate agents can now be fined up to $1.1 million dollars if they fail to disclose murder houses  or problem neighbors  to potential buyers. Hopefully the new law, which came in effect on the 1st of July, will alleviate the anguish and nightmares which have befallen many who have eventually discovered they were living in a past crime scene.


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Internet Kill Switch

OMG, the US Government is trying to pass a new law which will give the US President the power to shut down the internet with a “kill switch”. Google, Yahoo and any other search engine will be forced to close public access to websites in times of national emergencies. Geez, what could possibly go wrong? Sheez, I’m guessing the government doesn’t want them pesky tweets keeping the public in the loop when the shit hits the fan!


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