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Jogger Keeps Pooping On Her Morning Runs

When a New Mexico woman goes on her morning run part  of her ritual is to poop next to some poor guys house. Hell yes, he has the video to prove it. Hmm, that’s some nasty skidmarks right there. The man, who set up the security camera,  is not only mortified that she drops her daks near his house but that she doesn’t bother to wipe her butt either. He called her a “bad human”. So far no one has been able to identify the culprit.


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Toilet Roll Thieves Foiled


Oh for crying out loud, three men have been arrested after they stole a dozen rolls of toilet paper from a New Mexico restaurant. Not to worry, the rolls were returned to their rightful place.


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Pardon Me

OK, stop the presses, Billy the Kid will not be getting a pardon, I repeat, Billy the Kid will not be getting a pardon. Oh for crying out loud people, the friggin outlaw’s been dead for 130 years, get over it, move on, nothing to see here.  Evidently Billy was promised a pardon by the then governor Lew Wallace if he testify in front of a grand jury about a killing but it never happened. This whole who-ha was reopened after Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico decided to investigate the promise. Hello, the friggin outlaw killed a shit load of people. Pardon my ass!


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One Giant Rat Hole

Wanna watch TV tonight or chew a chair leg?

OMG, a woman from Las Cruces in New Mexico has been found living with over 170 feral rats, all about the size of a 5 month old kittens. Pets people, pets! The rat hole was discovered when Debbie Martin called an ambulance and had to be extracted from the house via a window because the stench was too overwhelming. Evidently the rats had taken over the house, chewing on cupboards and furniture while Ms Martin threw them food. Animal control officers later removed over 170 rats but believe there could be twice that many still hiding in there. Fur and skeletal remains of two dogs were found, believed to have been eaten by the rats.

Psst I bet she slept with one eye open!

2nd Psst I wonder if she had names for them all?


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An Operator Will Be With You Shortly

You know what sucks? When you rack up a $700 cell phone bill trying to get through to a New Mexico unemployment agency to inquire about  your unemployment benefits. An audit of  a 72 year old  man’s  cell phone bill showed he rang the state unemployment agency a total of 1,114 times as he tried just to get through to make a claim. On one occasion he was put on hold for 3 and a half hours.The good news is he finally got the benefits he was chasing, the bad news is the money will all be going towards paying his phone bill. Bummer. God giveth and God taketh away.

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Someone Has No Brains


Oh dear god, no,no,no. Please don’t do this. A funeral home in New Mexico is alleged to have sent a family their grandmother’s brain in a bag, along with her personal belongings after she died. The family unearthed the horror after smelling a foul odor coming from the bag sent to them by the DeVargas Funeral Home and Crematory. Evidently one of the relatives had left the bag inside a truck overnight not realising it was labelled with her name and the word “brain” on it. The funeral home deny any wrong doing blaming the grisly mistake on someone else. The family are now suing.


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Who Needs Swine Flu?

OK, don’t anyone tell the World Health Organization for goodness sakes but an 8 year old boy from Albuquerque, New Mexico, has died from…wait for it…bubonic plague. Ewh, that’s right, them fleas have been biting again. The boy’s sister is also sick with the infectious disease. So if you get the chills, diarrhea, headaches and swollen lymph nodes chances are you either have the plague or Swine Flu.


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