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Beached As

Feet up New Zealand a sleepy dormant fault line has just woken up after a long sleep and it might just be grumpy. According to geologists the Hikurangi subduction zone has begun to move. This little fault has the ability to cause 9.0 earthquakes and the mother of all tsunamis. Sleep with one eye open bros.

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Attention Elderly Loons

If you are over 100 and still kind of active , I suggest you get registered for the World Masters Games. Seriously!!! A 101 year old Indian woman is cashing in on the fact she is the only one competing in the over 100s event. So far she has 17 gold medals to her name after winning the 100m sprint in New Zealand. She finished in 1 minute and 14.58 seconds. Putting that into perspective,  it’s 1 minute 5 seconds slower than Usain Bolt. Just saying.

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Passport Software Fail

A nicely presented Asian man had his passport photo rejected by software  run by New Zealand’s department of internal affairs. The embarrassing blunder is just awks on so many levels.



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No Where To Look

A hotel in New Zealand has had enough with unsightly bulges and has banned customers wearing Lycra bicycle shorts. Yep, enough. Management said “when you’re trying to concentrate on your breakfast you just want to see the sausages on your plate.” Fair call.



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Emergency Defecation Situation

This is why I could never be a newsreader…..


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Dumbass Bro

Wloser2hen  a New Zealand customer decided to knick a tip jar after purchasing a meal  at a local fast food joint he scored a grand total of $6.77. Unfortunately in his haste he left his $9.92 meal behind. Loser.


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Kittens For Your Office

With a kitty crisis in New Zealand, SPCA and Uber are joining forces to offer a Friday “kitten in your office” to companies around Wellington . For $30 you can have a little feline delivered to your office and let loose around your work space. The 15 minute visit is designed to inspire people to adopt a pet. When the idea was first tested in the USA over 300 kittens were adopted. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

cat lol 35

PSST You can book a kitty via the Uber app.


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What Are The Chances?

OK people, when giving a false name to police be really careful that the name you give doesn’t belong to a guy with a “breaching bail conditions” arrest warrant. Just saying. When a Kiwi driver was pulled over by the cops he decided to give a fake name to avoid being busted for driving while disqualified, unfortunately the name he gave was in the system and he was immediately thrown in jail. It was only while appearing in court under the other guys charges that police realized it wasn’t the right person.


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New Zealand’s Answer to Netflix

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A Kiwi man walked into a petrol station with a rod protruding from his head. The owner’s first thought was it was a prank but unfortunately it wasn’t. The guy told police he was sitting in his parked car when kapow, he was struck in the head with the rod. One of the witnesses who saw him walk in asked him ‘Is that a drum stick in your head? To which he replied, ‘Nah, it’s a rod.’

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