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OK, I’m not here to judge (lol) but way to go girl. A teen cancer patient had one of her bucket list wishes come true, She got to friggin taser someone. Woohoo, I would love to do that. The Newark police stepped up for the challenge and the teen got to zap a cop. The volunteer cop said “It is unpleasant to say the least, but if for five seconds if it makes somebody’s kind of dream come true, especially in her situation, I think it was well worth it,”


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Life Stinks

Hey Eric Warren, you know what stinks? Getting 15 years in prison for stealing $180 worth of deodorant. Gotta hate that. The dude was caught shoving them down his pants during a Newark pharmacy robbery…. it was his 75th arrest.  75th arrest? Dear god man, get a job!


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It’s Official

OMG, Newark, New Jersey has recorded it’s first murder free month in 44 years. Yippee!


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Friggin Shoe Thief

Lordie, lordie, lordie, a man in Delaware has been arrested for stealing shoes. OK, not just a few shoes, several thousands of the suckers. Walter Rubincon of Newark mainly targeted student housing during vacation times. His downfall came when he was spotted driving away in his yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse after dumping three bags of them in a creek. When police came a knocking they were shocked to discover friggin three truckloads worth of shoes and other stolen bits and pieces. But on the bright side they all seem to be in pairs.


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Over Protective Cow or Just a Bitch?



Poor thing. A 71 year old pensioner in Newark, Notts, is nursing her wounds after she was chased up a tree by an irate cow and was left perched up there for two hours. Evidently the elderly woman crossed paths with the overprotective cow whilst out walking. When the cow began to charge, she suddenly found herself sprinting as fast as she could  to the nearest tree. When rescue arrived, the firemen found her clinging to branches with the cow patiently waiting below.


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