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Stirred and Shaken

Oh my, a student has been expelled and three suspended from the  Benfield School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne after they took a photo of one of them putting their penis inside a teacher’s coffee mug and then posted  it on the net. The teacher, who  later drank from the cup  was left traumatized  and took a considerable time off work.

Want sauce with that?


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Raining On My Parade

Man refuses to do community service in the rainJust brilliant. David Houlsby, a drug dealer from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, would prefer to go to jail than do community service in the rain…bless.Mr Houlsby who was ordered to do 100 hours of community service for getting caught with a stash of pot, claimed his punishment was too harsh and breached  his “human rights” (oh please, tell that to Schapelle). After working a few hours into his unpaid work he refused to continue because he was getting wet and that just wasn’t fair. Adding to his woes he then threatened his probation officer with a “punch in the face” when asked to get back to work. Oh well, 6 months in a nice dry cell is just what the judge ordered.


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