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The Scrap Of Time

How far would you go to get your hands on some scrap metal? Well, if you are thieves in England how’s about stealing two giant metal clock faces from the historic Newcastle town centre building…. in broad daylight. The two men nonchalantly dismantled the copper faces leaving  huge holes in the Art Deco facade. The building had been closed since December but plans were underway to turn it into a major new leisure complex.


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Quite a Mouthful

OK, here’s the thing people, technically, if a woman bites off her boyfriends balls , are they still a couple? Maria Georgina Topp from Newcastle in England is accused of biting off Martin Douglas’ testicles  for which he needed surgery to reattach them. The two had allegedly been drinking when at around 4am  things got a little heated and testes.

Want sauce with that?


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She Wouldn’t Move

A haulage boss ran over his jealous wife with a 26 ton truck and then rang 999 telling the dispatcher ‘I thought she would f***ing move out of the way, but she didn’t.’ The couple, who were both drunk  skunks, had been arguing at the time of the incident. Graeme Lamb is currently facing manslaughter charges in Newcastle, England


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@#$% Off I Don’t Dance

Get out of the @#$% way I am coming in to land!

Get out of the @#$% way I am coming in to land!

Everyone stop looking, the @$#% one legged foul mouthed parrot has been found thank you very much. Oh for goodness sakes, no he isn’t called Ilene! The @#$% African Grey was stolen in Newcastle during a burglary. Two people have been arrested over the theft.

Psst Hmm,  didn’t Paul McCartney have a one legged…ah never mind!


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