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Polish Prosecutor Shoots Himself at a News Conference

Is it me or when a military prosecutor, leading the enquiry into the 2010 air crash that killed the Polish president, holds a news conference and then shoots himself, there is something they aren’t telling us! Colonel Mikolaj Przybyl has had a rough time since taking on the role as prosecuctor having been targeted in several attacks on his home and his car. Before putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger, he spoke  about corruption and criminal organisations in the military.Oh dear, there’s the prob right there!

Psst Seems Przbyl ain’t a very good shot as he is expected to make a full recovery.


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Way Too Much Information Mr Prime Minister

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key probably gave out too much information when he mentioned at a news conference he’d had a vasectomy. As a silence descended amongst the reporters, he muttered “Boy that’s slowed things down”. The media were quizzing him about childcare when one journo asked him “what if his wife had another child?” His reply was “I’d be extremely worried because I’ve had a vasectomy.” Following a few seconds of awkwardness, one reported wanted to know if it was a part of a budget cut!


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