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Something Fishy

Fish 1, weather girl 0.



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The Show Must Go On

A news reporter continued talking to camera despite a guy getting cleaned up by a moped behind her.

PSST  No one was hurt, other than dignity.

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Too Soon?

Goes to show news readers don’t listen!!!!


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Mysterious Phoenix Flash

Any ideas on what could have caused a mysterious flash during a Phoenix traffic report, loons? Hmm, I’m going for an overzealous cop with a taser gun. Gee, hope it ain’t Rush Limbaugh’s letterbox!!!!

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Dog Bites Reporter’s Face

Moral of this story is don’t stick your face up to a dog who has just been rescued. Denver anchor Kyle Dyer had her face bitten on live TV after she leaned in to kiss the pooch. Ouch!

or for the morbidly inclined…


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Shhh, We Don’t Want To Scare the Folks

Nope, I've heard nothing!

Any loons living in Nebraska? Hmm, well according to Russia the Obama regime has ordered a “total and complete” news blackout relating to any info regarding the meltdown of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant. Seems on the 7th of June there was a “catastrophic loss of cooling” due to the flooding of the Missouri River. Oh what’s that? You didn’t hear about it? Hmm, so the complete blackout is working! As you are!

Want sauce with that?


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China’s First Space Mission Landing Staged

Remember astronaut Yang Liwei? Me neither. But anywho, he was China’s first fully fledged, real life, out in orbit, spaceman hero. OK, so now we have established we know absolutely nothing  this dude, I am gathering no one would remember 2003, when he landed safely back to earth after having orbited the Earth 14 times, making it China’s first successful manned space mission?  No, still drawing a blank? Well, it seems that the billion or so Chinese, who WERE glued to their TV sets during this monumental moment, were somewhat deceived. Yeah, yeah, he did complete the mission, but it didn’t go as smoothly as they were lead to believe. Nope, seems Liwei got badly G-forced on the way down and ended up with a split lip and blood all over his face. So in typical Chinese fashion they cleaned him up, strapped him back into his seat and shut the door before letting the cameras roll. Hmm, yep, the whole landing thing was staged so China could soak up the triumph in spectacular style without freaking out the masses. Sheez, no biggie, NASA has been doing it for years!
The little known fact was revealed during a lecture by a top official, Xia Lin, to a group of journalist students last month. The title of the speech was “Understanding Journalistic Protocols for Covering Breaking News,”

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Bird-ened With Information

This was bound to happen having channel 9 so close to a nuclear reactor (kidding!). Newsreader Peter Hitchener was reading the news when the mother of all seagulls decided to have a closer look see! Oh and it wasn’t the first time the bird had been such a sticky beak “About 50 seconds to 6 o’clock this seagull arrived and started pecking at the camera and it had the beadiest huge eyes you’ve ever seen in your life.” Geez, lucky he didn’t decide to poop! Hitchener said he once swallowed a fly while reading the news because he didn’t want to spit it out live on air! The man’s a pro!

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