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Trump’s Doppelganger

Is it me, or does America suddenly feel like a reality show?  Since Trumps rise to the White House the line between what is real and what is staged is so blurred. So it is understandable that the Dominican Republic’s newspaper got a little confused too.

PSST For those who are also confused…..that isn’t Trump , it is Alec Baldwin.



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Rebirth Notice

applaudTake note Cher. When an Aussie teen made the couragous move to become transgender, this is what her mum had published in the birth notice section of the local newspaper….

“In 1995 we announced the arrival of our sprogged, Elizabeth Anne as a daughter. Oops! Our bad. We would like to present our wonderful son — Kai Bogert. Loving you is the easiest thing in the world. Tidy your room.”

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Kim Jong Un Is Sexiest Man Alive


OK, one more time China, The Onion is a satirical website. They like to pull the piss. So don’t go reporting that Kim Jong Un has been voted 2012’s “Sexiest Man Alive”, because it just isn’t true. Chinese newspapers missed the obvious sacrasm and published parts of The Onion’s article in their world news which went along the lines of ….. “With his devastatingly handsome, round face, his boyish charm, and his strong, sturdy frame, this Pyongyang-bred heartthrob is every woman’s dream come true,” Tsk, tsk China.


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Exploding Friggin Churros

Holy exploding Churros Batman. A Chilean newspaper has been forced to pay compo of $125,000 to 13 people after they received burns after following a recipe published in their paper. Hmm, evidently the suggested temperature to make the donut like sweet meant the oil had a good chance of exploding and sending the Churros airborne…..which in some chases did!


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Winners and Losers

You know what I hate? When a local Colorado newspaper misprints the winning lottery numbers and you think you have won $4.3 million. I really friggin hate that. Jim and Dorothy Sprague partied like it was 1999 when they saw the results but then they found out the paper made a boo-boo and well it was back to 2011.


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Being Gay In Uganda Sucks

Oh boy, seems Uganda haven’t really caught on to the whole gay rights movement thingy. In fact, you might say they haven’t embraced it at all, judging by the front page of their newspaper. The feature story lists the “top 100” homosexuals in Uganda with a banner reading “Hang Them”. Oooh, it also includes their photos, names and addresses. Hmm, might want to sleep with one eye open boys! So far 4 of the men on the list have been attacked and the 96 others are in hiding. Last year a Ugandan legislator tried to introduce a bill which would allow the death penalty for homosexuals but it was shelved following international uproar.


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Orson Wells Would Be Proud

Nothing worse than when a joke backfires, just ask the editor of a Jordanian newspaper! Hmm, their April Fool’s Day prank nearly caused mass hysteria after they reported (on the front page) that 10ft tall aliens and flying saucers had been sighted near the desert town of Jafr. The story was so convincing Jafr’s mayor Mohammed Mieihan sent a team of security officers to hunt the aliens down, while parents refused to let their children go to school. At one stage they were even considering evacuating the 13,000 residents of the town. Oh boy, I’m guessing the newspaper won’t be doing that again!


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Remember Her?

Oh dear, remember the granny who was filmed whacking her neighbor with a newspaper and giving him a mouthful? You know, the one that became the big internet hit. Well, she has been cautioned for asssault. Evidently the long going dispute is all over the bin that Valerie Dunningham claims leaks oil all over her drive way. Lucky for her Luke Carr doesn’t want to press charges. But then again who would, after all it was only a newspaper and not an AK41!

Psst When asked what she thought of being on Youtube she said “I just wish my hair wasn’t such a mess.”


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