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Friggin Nicolas Sarkozy Voodoo Doll

Its just a little prick!

Its just a little prick!

Nicolas Sarkozy voodoo doll would never been such a hit had it not been for the fact the French President wanted it banned. Unfortunately,  he is going to find it even more humiliating now that the court has ordered all the dolls to be labeled with a warning that says it is offensive to the dignity of the French President to prick him with the needles (as if anyone cares). Problem it seems was the evil little doll, made by publishing company K&B, fell “within the authorised limits of free expression and the right to humour” .Humour all right, the voodoo doll is covered in some of Mr Sarkozy’s quotes including ‘Get lost arsehole!’which he muttered to a bystander who refused to shake his hand last year (hmm,what a prick!).About 20,000 Sarkozy voodoo dolls have been sold so far but now that the legal issues have been cleared and the publicity achieved, expect a few of them in hanging in this year’s Christmas stockings.

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