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Jesus Told Me To!

Ok, yeah I may have said something!

Either the guy is a nutter or Jesus is not happy with people who fly. A Nigerian man claims Jesus sent him to punish sinners by ramming his car into a parked plane at a Nigerian airport. The man managed to break through two security gates before driving into an Arik Air plane. No passengers were onboard at the time.

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Terror In The Skies

Here, give me that!

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on a plane friggin. Authorities believe the Nigerian man who ignited a white substance on a Delta Airlines flight may have links to Al Qaeda. Friggin brilliant, back to the plastic cutlery. The suspect, who is now in hospital suffering second degree burns, lit up the explosive as the plane was about to land in Detroit but it failed to go kaboom! Several people were also hurt in the incident which has now become a full blown WTF investigation after it was announced it was a failed terrorist attack.

Psst The terrorist has been named as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, an engineering student at University College of London, who surprise, surprise, is listed in the federal counterterrorism files and MAY (but not confirmed) to be on the banned passenger list. Great two biggies to answer…how did he manage to buy a one way ticket with that friggin name and how was he able to smuggle a friggin bomb on board? Geez, what a way to ruin Christmas lunch for the FBI , CIA and Homeland Security people! It’s back to watching Fox News terror meter I guess!


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